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"most wanted games this year"

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Sun 29/08/04 at 17:25
"Stridman in disguis"
Posts: 1,874
1) pro evo 4

2) gta san andreas

3) ghost recon 2

4) killzone

5) prince of persia 2

6) splinter cell 3

7) lord of the rings thrid age

Your turn.
Fri 03/09/04 at 18:54
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
For PS2?
Ace Combat 5. That is all.
Fri 03/09/04 at 17:35
Posts: 9,320
At the moment:

GTA San Andreas

Burnout 3


Pro Evolution 4

WWE Smackdown vs Raw
Fri 03/09/04 at 13:29
Posts: 317


Prince of Persia 2
Thu 02/09/04 at 19:56
Posts: 190
metal gear solid 3

GTA san andreas

the getaway black monday

colin mcrae 4

kiiiillll zone
Mon 30/08/04 at 23:53
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
San Andreas
Burnout 3
Mon 30/08/04 at 23:14
"None Stored"
Posts: 3,126
2. Pro Evo 4
3. MGS3
4. Killzone
Mon 30/08/04 at 09:40
"boom boom click"
Posts: 885
1) GTA: SA

2) Killzone

3) Burnout 3

5) MGS: SE
Sun 29/08/04 at 19:57
"Stridman in disguis"
Posts: 1,874
Why post in here though?

Sun 29/08/04 at 19:52
Posts: 6,015
hahahahahahahahaha!! 5 topics on this page have my name in it! Gahahahahahahahaha!!
Sun 29/08/04 at 19:52
"Stridman in disguis"
Posts: 1,874
witch-king wrote:
> Killzone- unmissable. Will crush SOCOM in to the dust in the online
> stakes.

Not sure whether it'll beat SOCOM's popularity level, but it'll be better...obviously. Remember - SOCOM and Killzone are two totally different games, SOCOM is so popular because of it's tactical features and big interest in clans and teamwork, i'd be a lier if i said killzone will be like that.

> Pro Evo 4- undoubtedly the best sports game coming out.

Yus, my most wanted sports game.

> GT4- The ultimate driving sim.

Isn't that a bad thing? Well, judging by GT3 I expect this game to be as slow and as dull as the other 3.

> Burnout 3- Smashing up ferraris. Who could say no?

Not exactly ferraris, i played the demo and it didn't impress me much so i'm not getting it. I enjoyed Destruction Derby Arenas more for some reason...

> DW4: Empires- I'm a fan.

Well, never played the games so cant really comment.

> GTA: SA- oh well, might as well get it for the sake of it.

Even though there are alot of bad things in this game at least it hasn't taken over the original style of play, it'll still be like the other GTAs but will just have a few extras to make it more detailed and realistic. I'm sure people wont be moaning about these little features like getting tatoos once they've completed the game, at least you'll have things to do once you've finished all the missions.

> FF12- Cause FF's awful online. I doubt it will come out this year.

Is it? I thought it'd be realy good actually, probably awful due to the need of a hard drive and a 7 monthly fee.

> THUG 2- I'm addicted to skating.

Meh, I hate skating but I liked the first 2 Tony Hawks. Underground spoilt it.

> R&C2/ Jak 2- I'll get one, I guess.

I wont get one because they're way to easy for me to complete but i'll rentone.

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