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Mon 06/09/04 at 14:51
Posts: 18,775
Yep. As of Friday I'm gonna have me a newtork adapter for my PS2. Along with Burnout 3.

Jus' wondering though....

Will I need to buy a keyboard at all?
How about a headset?
Are there newbie games, I hate playing against arrogant mongs who don't give you chance to blink never mind play the game.

Will post my username on here after I get it set up, cos chances are some s.o.b will have picked the one I want. (No, it's not Mystique)
Wed 08/09/04 at 15:55
Posts: 18,775
Got SSX3 today, so when my adapter arrives I'll be ready to whoop everyone's asses.


Wow, I'm actually quite excited about a game release for the first time in ages.
Tue 07/09/04 at 06:19
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
Mystique wrote:
> Will I need to buy a keyboard at all?

Eventually, no, but at present most ingame keyboards are still fiddly unless you like the SMS style keyboard in games like Eyetoy Chat and Killzone. Personally I still find a USB keyboard much easier to type with and find it saves time, so if you can pick up a really basic USB keyboard for around 7 get one. For games like EverQuest Online it's essential.

> How about a headset?

Essential kiddo, adds loads of fun to games.

> Are there newbie games, I hate playing against arrogant mongs who
> don't give you chance to blink never mind play the game.

Amplitude, plus any games with comms that allow you to say "Hey, I'm a newbie can you teach me this level?" in the pre-game lobby, like SOCOM (you'd need to type fast though) SOCOM 2, Ratchet & Clank 3, Destruction Derby Arenas, Killzone etc. Even then you'll still get jerks saying "Yeah OK" and then ending the level before you've time to blink.
Mon 06/09/04 at 21:27
"America, _ yeah!!"
Posts: 2,214
Yeah, got mines from there.
Get a copy for about a tenner.
Have to whoop you at that too then :p
Mon 06/09/04 at 21:25
Posts: 18,775
Ahh SSX3 forgot about that game...loved the original. May have t' checkout eBay..
Mon 06/09/04 at 20:46
Posts: 6,015
Please rearrange your question into the land of sense.
Mon 06/09/04 at 20:44
"America, _ yeah!!"
Posts: 2,214
nba legend wrote:
> Also, how many poeple go online on SSX3?

Was that even a question?
Mon 06/09/04 at 19:49
"Stridman in disguis"
Posts: 1,874
Question : Can you use ANY USB headset to chat online?

I hope so.

Also, how many poeple go online on SSX3?

I dont but i'm thinking about getting it.

I only have 2 games online right now :

MOH Rising Sun

Hardware Online Arena
Mon 06/09/04 at 18:03
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Keyboard isn't needed as most games provide a keyboard that you enter characters with using the control pad.

Headset isn't needed for most games, a few allow you to talk with other gamers like Socom 1 & 2.
Most gamers don't care about neewbies, find some decent folk to let you know whats accepted and whats not.

Just keep an eye out for cheats, spoil most online games so try find decent folk who you know don't cheat.

New star wars game thats out next month looks class and will be online too. Get that.
Killzone looks cool too as does the Raw Vs Smackdown game.

My name on most games is Ali but I only really play Socom2 online - well until star wars battlefronts comes out.
Mon 06/09/04 at 17:18
"America, _ yeah!!"
Posts: 2,214
The big game online this year has to be Killzone. Pro Evo has been cancelled online, which sucks.

I would consider the headset, you can get a decent one for a fiver but it isnt vital.

Socom can be a pain for players just wasting you and taking it to seriously. I enjoy SSX3 online, fun, interesting and most importantly no nonsense from other users.

GT4 should be good, might have to whoop you on that :p
Mon 06/09/04 at 15:44
Posts: 6,015
Don't bother with the keyboard. The headset is vital when playing socom but not so much on others.

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