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"So...I've ignored morrowind and kotor in favour of burnout 3"

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Sun 19/09/04 at 09:47
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Really looking forward to it, seems to get universal praise from all the review I've read. By the way star wars battle front is meant to be quite s**t check out the review on ign.
Sun 26/09/04 at 00:48
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Believe it or not, I was considering getting a copy of the GOTY edition, in the hopes that this time I'd enjoy it.

In the end I went for a sealed copy of Colin Mcrae 4.
Sun 26/09/04 at 00:31
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Ok I'll do a half-hearted comeback.

Borat wrote:

"I couldn't be bothered to read"

Sat 25/09/04 at 23:42
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Yeah but KOTOR has the feel of the franchise, a storyline I cared about before I even started playing it, real voice actors throughout, enjoyable combat and a slightly more linear approach to play.

What it didn't have was endless pages of text that you really couldn't be bothered to read, tedious missions, huge expansive maps filled with mostly nothing, a none-engaging slow storyline, rubbish combat and an open-ended play style that, normally so attractive to me, generally put me off even bothering.

I only played it for about 6 hours, granted, but at no point did I feel eager to get the most out of it.

KOTOR gripped me as soon as I started playing and didn't let go until I'd finished it.

Ok Morrowind lovers, do your worst .... :P
Sat 25/09/04 at 19:12
Posts: 439
ora agdiyeV wrote:
> morrowind bored me half to death.

It's a huge sprawling game but the problem with it is it's not very good storyline and character wise. If KOTOR was as big as Morrowind it'd be fantastic. I prefer KOTOR myself.
Mon 20/09/04 at 19:32
"All about the Beats"
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Grn rit wrote:
> ANyway I dont have live. We Dont want you either.
Mon 20/09/04 at 19:26
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morrowind bored me half to death.
Sun 19/09/04 at 20:35
Posts: 654
calm down calm down, I value the single player experience just as much as the multiplayer. ANyway I dont have live. Dont want it either.
Sun 19/09/04 at 18:40
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
1) you haven't even played it
2) It's an online-centred game, moron.
Sun 19/09/04 at 18:37
Posts: 654
when I said 9.5 I was talking about the burnout 3 review. Which was actually on gamezone, I mistakenly said it was on gamespot. Anyway on ign starwars battlefront scored 8.5/10. But it still sounds kinda lame. Single player is meant to be short and badly put together. Also theirs a bucket load of glitches. Dont know how it even scored 8.5 really.
Sun 19/09/04 at 15:17
Posts: 2,150
So if it scored a 9.5 then why did you say it was s**t?

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