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Mon 20/09/04 at 22:20
Posts: 6,015
Anyone on here play their games online?
Thu 23/09/04 at 08:09
"[SE] Shadow Elite"
Posts: 953
Socom II owns :] After you've adjusted to the original changes, perfect your shot and your weapon choice, then it's a really good game. You have to understand that everyone is on a level playing field (bar the few with 150k), and everyone takes almost the same amount of hits. It can become very laggy at times, but there is a great community on the game at the moment, so you can just start chatting to someone as soon as you join a room.

From what i've played of Smackdown vs. Raw, i'd definately get it if it has headset support. I had an amazing game once, which really put me in the mood to by the game. Does anyone know how the final online system works though? Do you earn XP as you beat oponnents, and then you use the XP to make your character better?

I'll be waiting to see what [SE] think of Battlefront before getting it. I know it was based on Socom as such, but i don't really like "futuristic-shooters" so may have to stay away from this.
Thu 23/09/04 at 01:06
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
I'm online. Have got
Socom 1 & 2
Hardware online

Getting battlefronts too

Only really play socom 1 & 2 online regularly at the moment.
Wed 22/09/04 at 22:05
"Socom 3 > All."
Posts: 733
I have online gaming :D yay

i play SOCOM II, Splinter Cell Pandora tommorow, THUG, Medal of honor: Rising Sun and soon Star Wars Battlefront
Wed 22/09/04 at 20:40
Posts: 6,015
What set up do all youse have? What did you have to get?
Wed 22/09/04 at 00:41
Posts: 2,527
I have only played a demo online of unreal tournament 2004 and it was quite good but I think the games that they make just to play on the internet spoil things!
Tue 21/09/04 at 22:48
Posts: 2,781
I think it's great, although there are some lame things.
Tue 21/09/04 at 21:07
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Well as i don't like a war game with poor hitboxes, the fact you have to shoot someone about 8 times before they finally die and bloody foreigners invading English online games because they're too stupid to read the two letters at the top of the room reading 'UK' then yes in my opinion it was a horrible game and Socom 1 was much better. It's just a shame that's been over run by sad pathetic little cheats
Tue 21/09/04 at 20:58
Posts: 2,781
lalakersrule wrote:
> Used to but Socom 2 was so horrible it put me off onlining for a
> while, will be back though probably for GT4, Killzone and SD vs Raw

Socom 2 - horrible? Wha!?
Tue 21/09/04 at 20:36
Posts: 6,015
SD v Raw would rock online.
Tue 21/09/04 at 14:19
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Used to but Socom 2 was so horrible it put me off onlining for a while, will be back though probably for GT4, Killzone and SD vs Raw

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