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"Allez Jo, Allez!"

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Thu 17/11/05 at 19:19
Posts: 224
Au contraite du securitie sont Datadyne...


Like, whatever. I'd never thought it would get annoying listening to a young, female voice. Targeting reticle reticule is a bit huge, and no way am I going to spend a level shooting stupid techno bugs, wondering through samey industrial corridors saving (sigh) scientists. REVOLOOSHUN GUYS!!!!!

That's another preorder cancelled. Though she does grunt like she's having a mini orgasm every time..
Fri 18/11/05 at 08:14
Posts: 14,437
I think so. It's a US launch title anyway.
Fri 18/11/05 at 08:08
Posts: 7,403
Is it even confirmed for launch yet?
Fri 18/11/05 at 06:53
Posts: 14,437
I got it downloaded last night, turned out to be over 374Mb - which is what I was expecting after looking around the site.

I turned it off after the nobrash took 5 minutes to deactivate forcefields as a hovering camera thing. He was completely braindead - my girlfriend was watching it too, and she even knew what to do (including hacking the door) and she's as good at games as Stevie Wonder is at Hairdressing.

I wasn't too impressed overall - screamed "Halo with double-D's" for the most part. Graphics were nice though, a bit grainy as it looked like the settings were wrong on the TV - or they had it set at 1080i for some daft reason.

I'll still be buying it, awaiting the review score from IGN though - if it scores lower than COD2 (current highest-scoring game), I'll buy it after launch and pick something else up instead...

...I say that, and we don't even know if the Multiplayer is it's saving grace. We need more info on this aspect dammit!
Fri 18/11/05 at 01:45
Posts: 3,611
gordonisagaybys¢¾ wrote:
> 374mb

My uni halls internet connection is useful for stuff like this :] 2mb/s download speed makes me dribble. Max I've seen off of it is 5mb/s download, not been hitting that recently though.

[edit] Done :D

[edit2] Jesus I'm not even going to watch that, saw enough to realise it's not what I expected.
Fri 18/11/05 at 00:37
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Yuck, is all I can say.

If there was a video that was designed to put me off, that's done a better job.
Fri 18/11/05 at 00:30
"Tesco value"
Posts: 992
They run like they're on hot coals or have stones in their shoes.

I'll wait for a better quality video, or some 360 pods to come out, it's less than two weeks away for christ sakes, we want the demo pods!
Fri 18/11/05 at 00:26
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Edit; The person playing the game is utterly retarded.

PD0, from that video, looks as about as original as the original. YAY! Just it's a few years too late.

Scientists in dull lab - check
Experiments gone wrong (I presume) - check
Generic corridors - check
'Clever' doors/'Clever' in general - check
Shiny - check
Boring - check
Fri 18/11/05 at 00:16
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
And that person is utterly retarded at hacking that panel.
Fri 18/11/05 at 00:15
"Tesco value"
Posts: 992
The running animation too perhaps?
Fri 18/11/05 at 00:14
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
That leaning out animation bit is awful.

And yeah, looks remarkably.....generic.

She is rather excited by beating up boxes.

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