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"My personal statement."

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Wed 16/11/05 at 19:49
"leaf it aaaaht"
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I have been interested in pregnancy and birth for as long as I can remember, so it seems quite natural for me to study something which I find so fascinating. I like researching pregnancy and birth on the internet, watching documentaries and even buying magazines meant for expectant mothers, so I am sure this would be the perfect career for me. After my course I hope to become a midwife and give advice to mothers before, during and after birth. Eventually I would like to work with expecting teen mothers advising them during pregnancy about their health, talking them through the birthing process and advising and helping them after the birth.

In my spare time I like to surf the internet, talking to friends online and researching pregnancy and birth as I said above. I have recently taken up cycling which helps keep me fit and I have found I actually enjoy it too. I am also a member of my local gym which I like to go to as often as possible. I live with my boyfriend so I also enjoy spending time with him watching films and playing games such as monopoly and phase 10 which is a card game.

When I was 13 I joined the Air Training Corpse and stayed until I was 17 reaching the rank of corporal. I really enjoyed my time in the ATC because I met many new people and got to try many activities I wouldn’t normally have done such as shooting, gliding and flying a plane. I also learned many important life skills such as team building, discipline and responsibility. This is reflected in my Duke of Edinburgh’s bronze award, and being a corporal meant I had to be responsible for younger cadets and make sure they knew what they needed to know, as well as giving them advice for forthcoming camps and tips on how to become the best cadet they can be.

After attending Orpington College and completing my A levels I attended The University of Brighton to study Criminology and Sociology. Although I find Criminology interesting, and from time to time still read my old text books, I did not find the course was for me. My original plan was to study midwifery once I had had my children so the Criminology degree was something I could concentrate on in the mean time. After the first semester, which I passed both subjects, I decided to leave and concentrate on what I really want to do, midwifery. My reasoning for this is because I don’t have children myself therefore wouldn’t truly understand how the women feel. I now realise that I don’t need to be a mother myself to care for pregnant women, after all men can be midwives and they can never feel how pregnant women feel.

Any comments on how I can make it better would be appriciated.
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:49
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don't say anything about games. That was what I should have said. Although, for me it didn't matter I didn't get an interview

(Note to self: curse Birmingham University)
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:44
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Pregnant women give me the horn.
No they don't!
-Yes they do.
No they don't!
Argh, the voices!...
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:44
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Drop the "which is a card game" from the end second paragraph, it seems patronising.
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:41
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Leave the line out about playing games.
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:36
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I just got a letter back from Birmingham University saying I've not made it to the inteview stage - no fillings yet...
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:15
"you've got a beard"
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hippyman wrote:
> Have you sent this personal statement yet? It's good - very similar
> to mine, but I've applied for a dental school.

"pregnancy intersts me.. so naturally i want to give as many people a filling as possible"
Thu 17/11/05 at 14:33
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Have you sent this personal statement yet? It's good - very similar to mine, but I've applied for a dental school. Good luck.
Thu 17/11/05 at 07:15
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Aw, should've left it in, would have love to hear the outcome.

And how come a few of you here have the chance to join the ATC? We had nothing like that in our region. Though I'm doing my Duke's right now, though.
Thu 17/11/05 at 06:58
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I joined the ATC once, left after a Month because the rest of the kids there were utter nobends.

And it's not corpse, unless you were being taught to fly by a dead guy.
Wed 16/11/05 at 22:01
Posts: 14,117
I was in the ATC too. We used to go up to Cambridge for flying. I managed three "loop the loops" straight after each other once. And I was never sick. Unlike some.

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