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"One more time..."

The "Freeola Customer Forum" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Tue 15/11/05 at 20:02
Posts: 10,759
You know the drill...

Grix Thraves
cookie monster
Notorious Biggle...
ßora† §agdiyeV
Your Honour
ČL ® ö B ě Ń
Whitestripes DS
Silent Thunder
Forest Fan
Meka Dragon
Suicide Soldier
Insane Bartender
AbsoluT Neó
Der Nazi
Red Hat
[email protected]
Duck Fish
Mr Snuggly
Pro Evo
C®ř§$ Bób
English Redneck

Herr Dark Wolf
Thu 17/11/05 at 19:19
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
So is rape. Yep.
Thu 17/11/05 at 19:08
Posts: 16,548
No idea what you're talking about. Defamation is a crime.
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:17
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009

Dringo has now won your agrument because you said "some" when you meant "same".
Thu 17/11/05 at 11:49
Posts: 16,548
Dringo, you once posted the exact same wording as a Times article I had read not half an hour before.

But it's hard to care.
Thu 17/11/05 at 11:42
Posts: 3,491
no mer :' {
Thu 17/11/05 at 10:56
Posts: 13,017
Dringo wrote:
> I don't like Goatboy because he is horrible towards me. He isn't
> indifferent or not likeing me and hiding it.
> He said some horrendous things in the fabled barn post. I don't care
> how true they were I'd have never have said the same things to him.
> Granted it is a forum, he hardly broke my heart... but I did try and
> get along with him, so many others did. He just wouldn't let me.
> For that reason I dislike him. I dislike stryke because he takes our
> different opinion in the sports forum far too seriously. He accuses
> me of copying pundits views, and although I have been inspired by
> them, I never actually copied anything.

Woah, man, calm down. I didnt ask.
Thu 17/11/05 at 10:46
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
There are some memories in here. It's a long time since people actually did this correctly, as it was originally meant to be done. I've received some nice comments, some from unexpected sources, so thank you to everyone who gave me a mention :)

I can never do one of these properly. I know the names of people whose posts I always read but can never remember specific incidents. I recognise other names but they mainly post in forums I don't really frequent.

I only remember once getting into any kind of 'arguement' around here and it was with a regular who signed up as a newbie and was being a pratt. The posts we swopped kept me amused for hours but I cannot for the life of me remember who it was.

There is, all in all, a nice bunch of people who visit these forums.

EDIT: I even like Azul as well :)
Thu 17/11/05 at 10:29
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
Dringo wrote:
> ... because no one likes Azul

I like Azul.
Thu 17/11/05 at 04:54
Posts: 9,848
Not done one of these in 4 years...
Last time I screwed up and got people mixed up, despite having been around for less than a year. So I'll do it double this time around.

Hedfix - Appreciated the cheap cheerful fun of Gauntlet. Suggested Hexen 64 but all my pads were broken by then...
AfroJoe - I know you, just don't remember no particular events to tie you to.
Goatboy - Was educating us kids long before he decided to take up teaching for real. Politics, treating women, this guy had lots to share, and share he did. Lylat Wars was his loss. :-P
SHEEPY - Always been there, no specific examples but made me smile.
Grix Thraves - Everyone's favourite "scitzo" artist. We'll make another FoG story someday. And Swordspines if we can ever be arsed to take on games making. Give my regards to the Amneshire crew. :-)
Tiltawhirl - No nonsense opinions, wrecked the possibility of a Ninty forum meet up by using the word "pork sword" and more recently gave pointers in the world of Hip Hop taste.
RastaBillySkank - Been a while. Seems you remember my first 6 months as Dan uk best. I think I remember those months best too...
FinalFantasyFanatic - I don't remember any specific times with you, but I remember them being good...
Notorious Biggles - been in debates/arguments in some places...
gerrid - You did that "Ashley loves you" notable campaign. "Mist1que hates Pokémon. Ashley loves Pokémon... and you!". More recently introduced me to 1nce Again.
Cycloon - My memory might be hazy, but did I buy Freedom Fighters from you? (that's the only the particular memory that sticks...)
ßora† §agdiyeV - Name so familiar but I can't put any memories to it... must be some somewhere...
Dringo - We could always agree we loved Nintendo, just never in what way. Anyone who accuses the guy of attention seeking just didn't get the guy. Yeah, the guy's writing always seemed a little pseudo proffessional, but it's all part of his charm.
Ant - Man... I used to be so proud of my story writing until I found I was being out down by some guy 3 years younger than me. Was a pleasure all the way though. Writing stories together, the whole Ninty Vs Sony thing we'd sometimes get into... it all happened in that first year...
The-IronFlame - Sniper right? Famous from the earliest of days. The guys that came in later and slammed the grammar, they just didn't get it...
Stryke - We did a FoG story and he turned my character into a camp teal fanatic! Cheeky Mofo!
or†ega!!!!! - I'm sure I knew you better under a better name...
lcarus - There was one time when me and delta java were talking about being programmer. Turns out that I was all talk. :-)
WňókieeMřn§†€® - Babylonian was it? That guy I used to spend ages with the whole Nintendo Vs Sony? Such early days.
Edgy - First guy to reply to my first topic. Remembered from the earliest of days. Gaystation Poo! ;-P
monkey_man - Got memories of the guy but they're kind of merged with Snuggly's... not sure why... that Harlow duo seemed to blend into one sometimes...
er-no - Still calls me Dan uk...
Turbonutter - Tried to defend Sony's innovativeness back in the console war days. A++ for effort! :-P
Your Honour - Goes back a real long way but only really remember him for "Question of the day"
Mav - Long time Ninty member.
Paradox: - Didn't always follow the depressingly sadistic stories (although I'm thinking of the ones from two years ago so I'll bet they've gone great places since), but I think I remember us connecting over the "N64 Golden Age" or something...
mattributé - Never really talked to the guy but caught hints of his deep respect for the Stone Roses so we had something major in common. (hope I've mixed him up with someone...)
phi11ip - Another of the Nintendo possé
Whitestripes DS - Another no nonsense memember of the Ninty forum.
Silent Thunder - Remember the name from early days... can't remember much else.
Blank - Read lots of stuff this guy said but would always imagine someone else said it for some reason... natural ghost writer. ;-)
Forest Fan - Much misunderstood. Dived evangelically headfirst into a sceptical society. Still learning, like the rest of us. Either accepted that different people believe different things or got so wound up that he decided to let us just burn in hell!
Meka Dragon - FoG stories, spoofs (when CONSOLES ATTACK - and when Nintendo and Sony characters had that dance off... only to be upstaged by Bill Gates, J Allard and the Rock doing the Chicken dance...), Papa Ninty. Owned the Nintendo forum before all the kids moved in.
Flock - Kind of got into Buddhism at a similar time to me but I think gave up on it... or maybe not... I've been meaning to ask...
Rickoss - Long time member. I think I might've called him Rickross once.
gamesfreak - Another Daniel if I remember right. We argued Xbox Vs Gamecube a little... agreed to like both, ended up both with Gamecubes. It all worked out. :-)
Asher - Hip Hop enthusiast. Gave me some very handy pointers.
FantasyMeister - FoG storys (a talent for killing Sniper), a few console wars, planetarion... can't remember much after the first year.
Mattyboy - If I got it wrong about mattributé then it was probably this guy. I'm sure it was a "Matt" of some sort.
Starlight - His name wasn't that camp...
Lindgren - Remember a little from the life forum. Had an ear operation, right?
Chipseh - Tom Nook thought his name sounded like a sort of food.
AliBoy - Used to write massive GAD winning posts in FoG. I actually managed to read my way through and reply to a couple of them...
Tphi - Man... all this Nintendo people merge into one sometimes...
Sibs - Again, Nintendo forumite but no specific memories to mind.
pb - Man of lead, keeper/father of Mongoose Man... I think...
Mr Snuggly - [email protected], Shiznit...
Pandaemonium - bit of a dark horse... most likely to catch you out if you say something silly/contradictory (in the politest way possible, ofcourse.)
Cooky - Long time Ninty member. I hear you're giving back to the games industry nowdays via Free Radical. Keep it up.
Bonus - Used spend ages with the whole console war argument. Come think of it, I can't be sure whether he was genuinely debating or just trolling me! :-)
VenomByte - Offered his GAD to anyone who beat him at Runescape (that was what it was called, right?). It turned out that people found writing on here easier and more enjoyable!
Albino-Man - Originally Darkmark? We thought he was that guy from N64 magazine...
Ineedsleep - Charming keeper of the SSC stories. Has to keep her gaming "habit" out of view from the hubby... if I remember right...

There's some people I missed out and some people I remember who weren't there (atleast half my memories are from my first year here and then the other 4 years muddle into something too). Just a couple of honourable mentions:

Dan_2k1 - The original blatant GADder with the theory of "more words = better chance of winning". You could remember him for fustrations with Sega's failures (apparently he bought 5 friends Dreamcasts to support Sega - and you thought that Dringo was hardcore!) and the odd fustration of not winning GAD, but I'll always remember him as Dan, when I came in as Dan. Made my first FoG appearance as an unwitting imposter! :-D
Shaneo - I'm not going to say that he didn't ask for all he got (I mean if he'd stopped screwing about after the first 3 times he got caught...) but it's kind of ironic that we used to blast the guy for copying while shameless copying his Copularity Pontest for the umpteenth time...
Light - Not sure why he didn't make it to the original list. A great source for politic and made some greatly entertaining rants on religion and the like. A good reason to keep coming back to the Life forum.
Black Glove - Probably made the list under some weird unrecognisable name. Had a very unique writing style. Zora's Wish is still the best piece I seen from the SSC (although I haven't kept up with most of them to be honest).

Meh! I remember why I gave these stupid things up now...
Thu 17/11/05 at 01:35
Posts: 20,776
you ain't warned anymore

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