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"Your SR memories"

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Tue 15/11/05 at 18:32
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Street Fighter 2 on Mega Drive.

60 on release day.

Completed it that night.
Wed 16/11/05 at 18:05
"Trip it out,its FRE"
Posts: 34
just signing up it felt like it was just yesterday oh wait it was yesterday
Tue 15/11/05 at 22:18
"I got a great Idea"
Posts: 236
ok, i thaught i was some strange coincidence, but your sure you didnt play for a guild called silver assassins?
Tue 15/11/05 at 22:08
Posts: 15,443
Yeah, not under icarus though. So no, it wasn't me.
Tue 15/11/05 at 22:02
"I got a great Idea"
Posts: 236
icarus did you play guild wars at all?
Tue 15/11/05 at 22:01
Posts: 15,443
Nope. Post pix tho plz
Tue 15/11/05 at 22:00
Posts: 13,017
lcarus wrote:

> And since when does the Pilsbury Man do a "flurgle"? You've
> messed up the experience.

You've not seen the new ads?
Tue 15/11/05 at 22:00
Posts: 13,017
Chippxero wrote:
> She's Celestine


um, cheers
Tue 15/11/05 at 21:59
Posts: 15,443
Paradox: wrote:

> I'd have writtne "flurgle" anyway so best you did it.
> Ic, was it you who had some guy also from SR who lived near him and
> was going to "go round and beat him up!!!111" ?


And since when does the Pilsbury Man do a "flurgle"? You've messed up the experience.
Tue 15/11/05 at 21:58
"Just ram it in!"
Posts: 1,036
Not winning one GOD at all.
Tue 15/11/05 at 21:57
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
She's Celestine

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