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"It's like a hotbed of retardedness"

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Mon 14/11/05 at 19:36
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Seriously, suck it up guys, we're the Ghostbusters.
Tue 15/11/05 at 08:57
Posts: 10,009
Hedfix wrote:
> It was crap.
> Trapdoor was godly.

Ah trapdoor - memories!
Tue 15/11/05 at 06:56
Posts: 14,437
Azul luvs u wrote:
> This is seriously the worst proxy ever

Which one are you using?
Mon 14/11/05 at 23:51
Posts: 21,800
Trapdoor was wunderbah!

Bucky O'Hare on the other hand, was utter guff.
Mon 14/11/05 at 21:37
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Ulysses 31 and The Mysterious Cities of Gold FTW FACT!!
Mon 14/11/05 at 21:34
Posts: 5,953
Hedfix wrote:
> Trapdoor was godly.

Hedfix knows what he's talking about.
Mon 14/11/05 at 21:33
Posts: 33,481
It was crap.

Trapdoor was godly.

Mon 14/11/05 at 21:31
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Bucky o'Hare was the win.
Mon 14/11/05 at 21:30
Posts: 5,953
I'm sorry but it's true. I know you all love it but I don't care, as far as I'm concerned it was crap. This is probably due to me being slightly younger than most of you and my only memories of it are from a friends old VHS tape that he constantly forced me to watch over and over and over again.

I even prefer the Hair bear Bunch to Bucky, and the hair bear Bunch was awful. Apart from the theme tune, that rocked. And the big yellow afro. And it had the guy who did Yogi Bear. Come to think of it, the hair Bear bunch was great.
Mon 14/11/05 at 19:52
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Mon 14/11/05 at 19:50
Posts: 5,953
That's because Bucky O'Hare was crap.

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