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Sun 13/11/05 at 00:18
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Hey yaaa,

I like a good series.

Just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion (the drool is still damp on my chin)
Half way through Love Hina.

Also seen Cowboy Bebop and Trigun.
Ghost in the Shell Standalone (first gig) is in the post.

Can anyone recommend me one or two decent series to pursue now please?

Thanks very much.
Thu 17/11/05 at 06:20
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Heh, good to see no mentions for Gundam Wing/Seed, which I've been getting bits and pieces of for the last few days. Not watched them yet mind.
(It's not easy to find specific episodes from the sea of Naruto. Maybe I need to change my software..)

The thing is, I thought Cowboy Bebop started pretty lamely, but by the end I adored it.

When Neon Genesis Evangelion set itself out as a Power-Rangers-equ kids show, and didn't promise much depth, I almost dropped it, but by the end (and certainly in End of Evangelion!) it was both the deepest and least kids-show anime I've ever seen.

So I don't really trust myself to make judgements within the first few episodes.

Which of those animes feature good character development or NGE-style depth?
I think that kind of stuff is the current object of my drool.
Tue 15/11/05 at 14:01
"Jog on, sunshine"
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Azumanga Daioh is about as random as you can get... and yes, I've seen both Excel Saga and FLCL.

Genius :D
Tue 15/11/05 at 13:29
"possibly impossible"
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Excel Saga, as long as you've seen enough other anime then you'll get all the references.

Final Fantasy Advent Children is unbelievable as well as a one off movie.

Oh, and any Studio Ghibli film.

As for other series, FLCL and ROD (read or die).
Tue 15/11/05 at 09:06
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
illphukiir wrote:

> I've got the first 2 FLCL's in manga, I can't really make head or
> tail of 'em, are the DVD's any better?

Yes yes yes yes yes. :) The Anime OVA is genius! (It's only classed as an OVA since there were only six episodes). Plus, The Pillows handle the music, and it makes for one of the best Anime OSTs to date.

Get it.
Mon 14/11/05 at 18:37
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I use to watch Ultimate Muscle when it was shown but I havent seen it in quite a long time, I enjoyed it :)
Mon 14/11/05 at 17:16
"Arf. Arf. Arf. Arf."
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Ah yeah, Samurai Champloo is great, I've seen the subbed version, but you might want to wait for the dubbed version to come out.

I've got the first 2 FLCL's in manga, I can't really make head or tail of 'em, are the DVD's any better?
Mon 14/11/05 at 14:30
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I haven't watched any Animé since a mate made me watch 'Guyver', it came in like 20 minutes episodes. I hated it.
Mon 14/11/05 at 10:24
"Wants Spymate on dv"
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Aside from the likes of Bebop and Stand Alone Complex which have already been mentioned, I'd recommend:
Last Exile
Cromartie High School
Excel Saga
L/R: Licensed By Royalty
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
Samurai Champloo

Samurai 7 is pretty good from the 2 volumes I've seen and Planetes, again though I've only seen half the series so far, is a fantastic show.
Sun 13/11/05 at 22:02
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I didn't really enjoy Panic. Though I did laugh when hte guy jumped out of the train to follow his target.
Sun 13/11/05 at 21:36
"Catch it!"
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Ok I will look them up.

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