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"Student Tips #1 and #2"

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Sat 05/11/05 at 19:38
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#1 - Don't use plastic containers in the microwave.

#2 - After replacing melted container with ceramic plate, do NOT introduce cold water from the tap directly onto burning plate after removing it from the microwave.

(despite this, my jacket potatoe was cooked to perfection and my dinner was very nice, regardless of my scorched thumbs)
Sun 06/11/05 at 21:20
Posts: 10,009
gamesfreak wrote:
> 9p noodles are the best, especially when you get back from a night
> out.

I always seem to eat noodles after a night on the beer. Probably because they're the easiest to cook.
Sun 06/11/05 at 20:45
Posts: 33,481
Whitestripes SS.
Sun 06/11/05 at 20:30
Posts: 11,875
It feels somewhat awkward to have been born Hitler's perfect human.
Sun 06/11/05 at 19:07
Posts: 33,481
Whitestripes DS wrote:
> Well I'm vegetarion


Sun 06/11/05 at 19:03
Posts: 11,875
Well I'm vegetarion so I've got quorn, but I imagine the process is basically the same.
Sun 06/11/05 at 18:28
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Whitestripes DS wrote:
> I've got some curry sauce and rice, need to work out how to cook it
> though.

Usually its just a case of whitening the chicken in the pan and then adding the sauce and simmering for a bit. Use chicken breast for better taste and greater consistency.
Sun 06/11/05 at 18:24
Posts: 15,443
Coin wrote:
> Nope, Chicken and Prawn noodles - 20p each (large enough for a snack,
> 2 for a good meal). Think about it.
> Eat 3 meals a day = 1.20 a day.

Doesn't really work though, does it? Noodles keep you full for about 15 minutes, and unless you sit on a couch or sleep throughtout the day, you'll be a skeleton with bits of skin tacked on within weeks.
Sun 06/11/05 at 17:27
Posts: 11,875
I've got some curry sauce and rice, need to work out how to cook it though.
Sun 06/11/05 at 17:24
Posts: 33,481
Cheap prawns? Oh noes.
Sun 06/11/05 at 16:53
Posts: 10,364
9p noodles are the best, especially when you get back from a night out.

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