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"Question about PCI-E"

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Fri 04/11/05 at 20:39
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Do any Socket 478 motherboards support PCI-E?

I mean, I have a fairly new 3.2Ghz P4 and really I want a PCI-Express graphics card, or my system is fairly useless - I want to be able to upgrade, and buying an AGP graphics card would just be wastefull.
Sun 06/11/05 at 20:37
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
The overclocking potential on the opterons is actually quite tempting.
Sun 06/11/05 at 18:51
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Personally i'm going for a 4000+
Sun 06/11/05 at 17:54
Posts: 3,491
Sun 06/11/05 at 17:47
Posts: 4,899
*Mouth hits floor.*

Yay, good time to buy :D. Makes a nice change.

Also, just out of curiosity, the 3700 should be at worst mid/low in 2 years? You don't see any massive leaps being taken in CPU technology...

(Unless that whole dual-CPU takes off. But that's forecasted not to be taken advantage of, properly, until 2009 at the earliest...)
Sun 06/11/05 at 17:13
"l33t cs50r"
Posts: 2,956
Coin wrote:
> AMD 3700 / 4000+ anyone?

I say 3700+ especially after AMD's price drops last week.
Sun 06/11/05 at 11:33
Posts: 4,899
Looks like I'll just wait out a new processor.

AMD 3700 / 4000+ anyone?

Also - overclockers have christmas sales, right?
Sun 06/11/05 at 09:30
"l33t cs50r"
Posts: 2,956
J Nash wrote:
> Besides, getting an AGP one wouldn't be "wasteful" at all.

Unless your looking to use Windows Vista next year where PCIe is one of it's requirements for optimal performance.
Sun 06/11/05 at 01:40
"I love yo... lamp."
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It's because PCI-E support is a function of the chipset used and no chipsets used on Socket 478 support PCI-E.

There are still some decent AGP cards out there like the 6800 GT or the X850. And by the time they are outdated and in need of replacing so will your processor in all likelihood.
Sat 05/11/05 at 19:19
Posts: 2,464
Because it doesn't? Some don't, you know.
Besides, getting an AGP one wouldn't be "wasteful" at all.
Sat 05/11/05 at 17:50
Posts: 4,899

Any idea why?

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