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"MySims Agents"

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Tue 27/10/09 at 15:15
"Let's blow stuff up"
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Hey, just wanted to leave a thread incase anyone is stuck on mysims agents as i will help!
Mon 09/08/10 at 08:33
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got my nintendo ds game aaaages ago but i still cant tail theif V. I know where his lair is but on the last corner, he always sees me and runs away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!
Sun 27/06/10 at 12:52
"Let's blow stuff up"
Posts: 321
Sorry i've taken this long to reply but:

Go to the train station and you will see 2 animal statues around the edge. Where their eyes meet up you will see a stone behind the house and this is where the map was, but Thief V has taken it. Once Thief V has taken it you have to go kite-surfing to find Violets cat on the island. Then bring it back to Town Hall and it will stay there for a while. Then you have to tell everyone in town about the thing in town hall. That will make Thief V come every night to try and find it! When he comes you will have to follow him to his hideout. Then at nightime when he is gone you have to explore his place and you will find the treasure map in a secret room!
Wed 05/05/10 at 19:06
Posts: 28
Help please. I have the DS version of My Sims Agents and I got stuck on an easy bit! You know when you have to tail Thief V, I've done that part, but I am currently stuck on finding the map in his secret lair. Where is the map in his secret lair? Thank you :)
Wed 05/05/10 at 18:48
Posts: 28
Thank you Grandprix for the walkthrough link! It really helped me as I am not very good at advanced mystery games(but I LOVE playing them anyway.) I'm having a great time on Freeola, how about you?
Mon 03/05/10 at 12:37
"Let's blow stuff up"
Posts: 321
Lulu Animal lover wrote:
> Hi I just got Mysims agents like 2 days ago and I LOVE it.
> (ive got 2 stars already) I'd just like to know how long is the
> game and is it still fun once youve done everything?
> -Lulu =3

Hi, the game is long (depending on how long you play it at a time). It is kinda fun once you have finished it as you can send your agents on dispatch missions still. Plus it gets more challenging through the game.

Sun 02/05/10 at 12:28
"I love guinea pigs!"
Posts: 2
Hi I just got Mysims agents like 2 days ago and I LOVE it.
(ive got 2 stars already) I'd just like to know how long is the game and is it still fun once youve done everything?
-Lulu =3
Mon 12/04/10 at 14:41
"Too Orangy For Crow"
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Click Here for a walkthrough.
Mon 12/04/10 at 01:34
Posts: 1
heyy i need help!!! plz tell me how to fix the sub in mysims agents. i know were to put the gears but i dont know were the wires go.... i keep on thinking i need a small short pipe for it to work. PLZ HELP IM BEGGING U!!!

pretty plz.... :D

ive been stuck for a long a year
Mon 28/12/09 at 13:51
"' Sims Rock '"
Posts: 1
Do u know how to get to the top of Dr. F's lab so u can see if the machine maches the one that is sending signals to DJ Candys satalite and killing the plants?

Coz i cant do it.

It would be class if u can tell me!

Sun 22/11/09 at 12:28
"Let's blow stuff up"
Posts: 321
JERDEAN wrote:
> My son is stuck in Part 27 in My Sims Agents. He has gone through
> all the previous parts and when he got to 27, to repair the pump,
> he is missing the large gear. How does he go about getting that?

The parts to the water pump are in the tent, the radio, jack in the box (sun shrine) and the broken wheel on the left side of the temple (the temple with the pedestals).

If you need help fixing it together... just ask.

Hope i helped!

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