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"great websites"

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Tue 25/10/05 at 22:19
Posts: 465
Anybody know any great websites for when you sre really really bored. post them here if you do.
Sun 30/10/05 at 18:20
Posts: 642
tnc wrote:
> No, fool
> Google images is always enjoyable. Especially when you turn the
> "filter my searches" option off
> ;-)

Why did you have filter on in first place!
Sun 30/10/05 at 11:03
Posts: 2
heres a good one

Sat 29/10/05 at 17:46
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538

"Let them sing it for you"

s'ok i suppose.
Sat 29/10/05 at 17:05
"Eternal Pain"
Posts: 345
i suppose these are OK websites: for pointless rubbish some of which is funny it's childish but amusing
and lastly an all over funny website
Sat 29/10/05 at 16:58
"kid from uk"
Posts: 17
i found a weird website called

its really random
Sat 29/10/05 at 12:17
Posts: 1,204 wrote:
> > We have thousands of users already - and hopefully it will be useful
> for you guys to communicate with each other sometime if you dont get
> chance to talk in person!
Hmmm i bet ytou're not here purely to advertise your site.
Sat 29/10/05 at 08:58
"youngest regular"
Posts: 813 wrote:
> Have a look at  [URL][/URL]
> "Communication by Car Registration!"
Sat 29/10/05 at 05:42
"Communication By Re"
Posts: 1
Hi all, new here, but I have been speaking with the guys on other forums, and saw the thread to this place! 

I thought I'd come and say hello and also let you know about this! The guys there love it, and you will hopefully too!

Have a look at

"Communication by Car Registration!"

It's good fun and completely free, and it lets you send a message to a drivers reg plate if you like the look of them, but don't have the nerve (like me) to flash your lights at them or found it impossible to chat whilst on the road! You can use it for so many other reasons too such as 'Where did you get your alloys from' or 'your car has a brake light out' etc etc etc!

(their email address is linked to their Plate when they register)

We have thousands of users already - and hopefully it will be useful for you guys to communicate with each other sometime if you dont get chance to talk in person!

The site even stores messages indefinitely so your message WILL get to the Driver, even if they ! There are thousands of messages WAITING for plates now, so one will hopefully be for you….8-)

Come and say hi and get your free car sticker!! Driving to work will never be boring anymore!

All the best,
Tue 25/10/05 at 22:44
Posts: 465
why is that good?
Tue 25/10/05 at 22:44
Posts: 5,857

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