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"Worldwide launch?"

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Tue 25/10/05 at 17:15
Posts: 33,481
Tue 08/11/05 at 19:57
Posts: 18,185
Not to mention the localisation process.
Tue 08/11/05 at 19:56
Posts: 18,185
It's the matter of preperation. Creating enough consoles for a worldwide launch and pumping money into all regions in terms of advertisement is a tough undertaking.
Tue 08/11/05 at 15:34
Posts: 10,009
Good idea really. I've never understood why some countries get hardware and games months before others.
Mon 07/11/05 at 21:23
Posts: 143
Glad to see they are learning from the other players in the field. Even if it is from Microsoft - the Xbox interests me more even tho I have a PS2, but M$ just throw a mountain of money at stuff which I dont like too much.

Here's hoping that Nintendo launch the Revolution at the end of the summer in Japan, November in the US and (please GOD) December in Europe. This should give them a bit more breathing space (see: Microsoft) to fill up stock levels etc and continue to keep people happy after the launch day.
Tue 25/10/05 at 20:40
Posts: 11,875
Cuts down on importing too.

Although I'd probably still import, even with shipping costs games work out cheaper :/
Tue 25/10/05 at 20:33
Posts: 18,185
Worldwide launch for the big releases is a very usual thing for Nintendo these days. The DS was launched in 2 territories.

As for June? Not a chance.

The console will be avalible worldwide by the beginning of November and the system will probably launch in Japan in September.
Tue 25/10/05 at 18:57
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:

> Worldwide Zelda got me more moist though.
Tue 25/10/05 at 18:13
Posts: 33,481
It'd serve them well if they could get the jump on the PS3 in some sectors.
Tue 25/10/05 at 18:10
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
It's just so they can make as big an impact as possible world-wide, and have some half-decent sales figures to start off with. But who cares, if it's true, I'm happy.

Worldwide Zelda got me more moist though.
Tue 25/10/05 at 17:26
Posts: 33,481
Nah, we're in space as far as they're concerned.

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