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"Last game you got?"

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Tue 05/10/04 at 17:39
Posts: 6,015
Bit like the last film you watched thread in music and movies forum, but just games.

I'll start:

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Sat 09/10/04 at 17:03
"boom boom click"
Posts: 885
Fable on xbox and THUG on ps2. i have to puy tony.H games on ps2 as the controller is the best for them.
Sat 09/10/04 at 08:43
"Socom 3 > All."
Posts: 733
SOCOM II with a network adaptor, havent been outside to get another game since
Fri 08/10/04 at 08:20
Posts: 6,015
Advent Children should be good I agree, they'll have to mutilate it pretty badly for me not to want to see it. They'd be stupid to make the FF7 sequel anything but an RPG, seems as that's the format that was so successful originally. if they make it Kingdom Hearts-esque I'd be very displeased.

I wonder if the film or the sequel will still base themselves around materia? I'd have thought that the film wouldn't be, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Fri 08/10/04 at 06:50
Posts: 18,487
witch-king wrote:
> Methinks you will when the FF7 sequel comes out. I'm almost certain
> you and I are not on the same wavelength bullett.

I've been told it isn't an RPG therefore i'm lacking interest, as it's a PS2 game i'll rent it if it is, i'm more interested in the movie at the moment.
Fri 08/10/04 at 06:46
Posts: 4,899
Ratchet and Clank.

Fri 08/10/04 at 02:23
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
Psi-Ops: Mindgate Conspiracy. Brilliant concept and it's been pulled off very well.
Wed 06/10/04 at 12:34
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Phantom Brave
Wed 06/10/04 at 10:41
Posts: 14,437
Maybe, but you can explain your defense to my solicitor.
Wed 06/10/04 at 10:28
Posts: 6,015
Methinks you will when the FF7 sequel comes out. I'm almost certain you and I are not on the same wavelength bullett.
Wed 06/10/04 at 08:43
Posts: 18,487
Broken sword 3, 11 months ago, dont think i'll be getting another console.

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