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Tue 04/10/05 at 20:25
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
Has anyone studied it, or know someone who has?
Fri 14/10/05 at 02:16
Posts: 3,348
I'm in 2nd year Geography course, it covers some geology as well.
Sat 08/10/05 at 23:51
Posts: 10,009
I did Geography at A-Level. Thats was half human and half physical though but I did learn how rocks are formed.
Thu 06/10/05 at 17:36
Posts: 16,548
You could always do neither. A degree in a science from a good uni pretty much gives you a fair crack at anything you want that's not vocational.
Thu 06/10/05 at 17:34
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
But geology pays much much better. Also you get the chance to travel more. Jobs in archaeology are more scarce with rubbish pay. 'Tis a hard one.
Thu 06/10/05 at 16:28
"The mighty GE90-115"
Posts: 5,344
Given those 2 I would go for Archaelogy over Geology, at least Archaelogy has its moments of excitement - the discovery of a new dinosaur fossil etc...

Whereas with Geology I can't imagine the most exciting / interesting thing being more than the discovery that rock A has a higher sodium content than rock B...
Thu 06/10/05 at 11:20
Posts: 16,548
RoJ wrote:
> Well, I was thinking of taking a degree in it. It is either
> archaeology or geology, I'm applying for both in different Unis.
> Hard choice.


Do archaeology, because I predict if you do geology there will come a time when you throw your work everywhere, shout 'They're just rocks, sod it" and storm out to a life of hedonism.
Wed 05/10/05 at 22:10
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Chr1s wrote:
> the crap out of me.

Really? I heard geology rocks..

Wed 05/10/05 at 20:50
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
Well, it looks like it's going to be a hefty part of my A-level geography and what I've done of it so far has, to be honest, bored the crap out of me.
Wed 05/10/05 at 20:40
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
Well, I was thinking of taking a degree in it. It is either archaeology or geology, I'm applying for both in different Unis. Hard choice.
Tue 04/10/05 at 20:52
Posts: 16,548
I did it at GCSE. It was fairly boring, but the alternative was something equally awful. Forgotten what now. Probably Physics.

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