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"US Xbox 360 Launch Date Confirmed"

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Thu 15/09/05 at 08:54
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Fri 16/09/05 at 16:43
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Yer. Only word that comes to mind really.

*sells DS and GC for 360 games*
Thu 15/09/05 at 18:40
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According to Gamespot, it's the 2nd of December for us, and the 10th of December for Japan.

At least that's before Christmas, which is just what I was looking for. Nice one.
Thu 15/09/05 at 18:27
"Fishing For Reddies"
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I'd rather have it last and save myself £90!

Japan are getting the Standard 360 (Not the Core) for £190! That's £20 CHEAPER than the UK CORE System. What a pile of gay AIDS.
Thu 15/09/05 at 17:24
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Shadow wrote:
> Good to see the Japs getting it last for a change :)

True. Then again, they probably don't really care. No one bought the first one over there.
Thu 15/09/05 at 17:19
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I thought microsoft said they would be releasing the 360 worldwide on the same date?
Thu 15/09/05 at 15:50
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Hopefully Sony will release the PS3 in Europe and US around the same time too.
Thu 15/09/05 at 11:43
"Jim Jam Jim"
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2nd Dec is a good date, couple of weeks after the US so hopefully Microsoft can make more 360s for the UK. Plus we get to read reviews etc and decide what games to get.
Thu 15/09/05 at 10:13
"gametag = viperfire"
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So 20 games at launch and a further 20 released by the end of the year. So that’s 20 on the launch day and then an average of 5 games a week through December – sounds good. Have that many games actually been confirmed yet?
Thu 15/09/05 at 10:01
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The article has been updated now to give launch dates for Europe and Japan, 2nd of December for us.

Good to see the Japs getting it last for a change :)
Thu 15/09/05 at 09:50
"Anger leads to hate"
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Shall be waiting till spring i think, the game launch line up looks a bit pants, 7ish then maybe 20 by chrimbo? Meah so far only 2 0r 3 games i fancy out of that lot as well so i can wait.

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