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"Lost Season 1 (R1) DVD - Also (R2) being released in 2 parts = You pay more "

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Mon 12/09/05 at 17:10
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Lost Season 1 (R1)

Discs : 7
Run Time : 1068 minutes / 17 hours 48 minutes
Extras : Smeg loads
Review : *spoilers* [URL][/URL]

Details on the first half of the UK release;

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Lost Season 1 Part 1 for 31st October 2005. Experience the drama unfold as 48 survivors struggle to comprehend the enormity of living through a violent plane crash. Stranded on a remote desert island with death all around them, the band of strangers, enemies and estranged families work together against the cruel weather and harsh terrain to overcome the toughest challenge of their lives. Amongst the survivors is the dashingly handsome Jack (Matthew Fox), a fearless doctor best equipped to cope with the aftermath of the tragedy, Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), a faded rock star harbouring a painful secret and the beautiful Kate (Evangeline Lilly) who surprises herself with her own bravery. As secrets unfold, some characters are thrust deeper into conflict and confusion whilst others find friendships slowly developing amid the chaos and despair that surrounds them. The mysterious and surreal world of the Lost island will have you gripped and wanting more.

This four-disc set includes the first 12 episodes with the following bonus features...
The Essential Lost
The Genesis Of Lost
Designing a Disaster
Before They Were Lost
Audition Tapes
Welcome to Oahu: The Making of the Pilot
The Art Of Matthew Fox
Deleted Scenes
Lost at Comicon
Lost on Location


The R1 is out now and you can expect to pay about 30 with free delivery for it.

The R2 release is being split into two parts with the first coming out at the end of October, and the second part later in the year. As you would expect this means those who choose to buy the UK release will be paying a lot more than those who import the US version.

I believe this was done to try and milk the release as much as possible, rather than wait for all of it to finish on UK TV and then release it. They are releasing half the series after Channel 4 reaches half way through the series (ignoring those on E4). So I guess if you want to blame anyone, blame Channel 4 for running Big Brother and thus pushing the showing of Lost back several months. Between 20-30 I'm expecting the first part to cost.

So has anyone got the R1 version yet or have it on order? Are you planning to get it or will you wait for the 2 part Uk release instead? I think I'm going for the US release, it's cheaper, it's a complete set, and no doubt will contain more than the UK release as they tend to do.
Tue 13/09/05 at 10:02
"Wants Spymate on dv"
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Got my region 1 copy of this a couple of weeks ago, so as a result have been able to see the entire series in dvd quality without adverts or waitng a week between episodes. Quite a few extras on there too but I haven't watched 'em yet.

If you like the series so far and have a multi region player then my advice would be to shell out 30 notes now rather than get shafted on the UK release(s) in many months time.
Tue 13/09/05 at 08:06
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The West Wing was the same in the early days - seasons in two parts sold seperately, then combination packs released slightly afterwards. People must have caught on though because they only sell the full boxsets for the more recent seasons.
Tue 13/09/05 at 07:13
Posts: 2,781
I prefer waiting for the R2 sets - they have our standard framerate and lines etc.
Tue 13/09/05 at 00:21
Posts: 19,415
AliBoy wrote:
> They did a similar thing with the CSI miami dvd boxsets. Over here
> they come in two parts costing about 32 each or you can buy
> the R1 version which is the whole season in one box for the same
> price.
> Its a joke.

Like Aliboy said, so no complete set any time soon this year. And you're probably better off buying the US version. I'm sure most people have multiregional players now. The cheapest one is 29.99 afterall
Tue 13/09/05 at 00:20
Posts: 19,415
Dringo wrote:
> It'll be at the same time of part 2.
> It's pretty obvious.

How many tv series have you seen released in parts then complete? None I imagine, sorry but I think they arent stupid enough to release the second part the same day they release the complete series. Because then everyone wouldnt bother buying either part and just wait for a complete set instead. Meaning little point to releasing the second part at all.
Tue 13/09/05 at 00:17
"Picking a winner!"
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They did a similar thing with the CSI miami dvd boxsets. Over here they come in two parts costing about 32 each or you can buy the R1 version which is the whole season in one box for the same price.
Its a joke.
Mon 12/09/05 at 23:06
"Jim Jam Jim"
Posts: 5,626
I am going to get the region 1 copy as I dont like they way the do part sets and the way region 2 copies get treated. Ordered The O.C. Season 2 region 1 as the region 2 version was missing the extras disc and cost 10 more than the region 1 version.
Mon 12/09/05 at 19:31
Posts: 18,185
It'll be at the same time of part 2.

It's pretty obvious.
Mon 12/09/05 at 17:31
Posts: 19,415
So they're going to release part 1, then release part 2 then release them both together (which hasnt been confirmed yet)? Well if they do it wont be until sometime in 2006.
Mon 12/09/05 at 17:28
Posts: 6,592
They'll release the full version when the series has ended, just buy that. No one's forcing you to buy the first one.

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