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"Places near you with stupid names"

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Mon 05/09/05 at 10:01
"Foxes 4 Ever!!!"
Posts: 2,090
Find places with stupid names near your home using your Post Code:


Mine are:

8.2 miles

Foul End
12.4 miles

Butthole Lane
14.7 miles

21.6 miles

Bishops Itchington
24.5 miles

Lickey End
32.5 miles

Bell End
33.3 miles

Hole in the Wall
33.5 miles

34.6 miles

Titty Ho
37.5 miles
Wed 07/09/05 at 21:15
Posts: 536
RastaBillySkank wrote:
> HappyTortoise wrote:
> RastaBillySkank wrote:
> There's also a road called Butt Lane near me.
> I live at the end of Bell Road.
> Ah. I could visit you. But I won't :-)

Oh. Thats...nice.
Wed 07/09/05 at 20:13
"Gamertag = Chavex"
Posts: 1,367
The "Angel Inn"....
Wed 07/09/05 at 19:18
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Ah, I see. Didn't follow the link initially.


Titty Ho (map)
13.4 miles

Willey (map)
22.4 miles

Bishops Itchington (map)
24.9 miles

Shingay (map)
33.8 miles

Claggy Cott (map)
36.7 miles

Crotch Crescent (map)
38.8 miles

Foul End (map)
38.9 miles

Herbert's Hole (map)
39.5 miles

Butthole Lane (map)
39.5 miles

Shaftenhoe End (map)
41.6 miles
Wed 07/09/05 at 18:38
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
WkieeMn wrote:
> Can't think of any stupid names of the top of my head,

Use the website at the top then :P
Wed 07/09/05 at 16:14
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Can't think of any stupid names of the top of my head, but there are some stupid pronunciations.

For example, Cogenhoe - which the local bumpkins will have you believe is pronounced 'cook-no'.
Wed 07/09/05 at 09:28
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Current house:

Loose Bottom (map)
3.4 miles

Devil's D!ke (map)
4.7 miles

Fulking Hill (map)
5.3 miles

Bushy Bottom (map)
6.1 miles

Hooker's Farm (map)
9.9 miles

Lower Dicker (map)
15.4 miles

Upper Dicker (map)
15.4 miles

Crapham Down (map)
17.0 miles

Lickfold (map)
17.3 miles

Gay Street (map)
17.3 miles

Old house/parents place:
Six Mile Bottom (map)
10.1 miles

Shingay (map)
15.8 miles

Shaftenhoe End (map)
18.4 miles

Feltwell (map)
21.5 miles

Salters Lode (map)
22.5 miles

Bummers Hill (map)
24.4 miles

Nasty (map)
27.4 miles

C*cks Green (map)
27.6 miles

Titty Ho (map)
28.4 miles

M!nges (map)
31.7 miles
Wed 07/09/05 at 03:30
"...y'crazy fool!"
Posts: 584
gerrid wrote:
> [URL][/URL]
> The pond in the bottom right

WHY? Why would you give that name to a pond?

My list is similar to Reefer's...

Gay Bowers (map)
6.4 miles

Fishpits (map)
20.1 miles

Thong (map)
22.6 miles

Bummers Hill (map)
22.7 miles

Fingringhoe (map)
22.7 miles

Nasty (map)
23.5 miles

Shaftenhoe End (map)
26.2 miles

...there were more but the forum filter didn't want to let me post them ;)
Tue 06/09/05 at 16:39
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933

The pond in the bottom right
Tue 06/09/05 at 16:32
Posts: 4,686
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> Does everyone live in the same place or something?

Aliboy, munn and I live in Glasgow, so they'll all basically be the same
Tue 06/09/05 at 14:38
"Less chat...More ha"
Posts: 532
I live near a village called Barton in the Beans!

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