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Tue 12/10/04 at 16:14
"The Expert"
Posts: 95
I know that the graphics are ok but i want to know about, You people who have a NGC console and i what to know what you think.
Wed 13/10/04 at 18:36
Posts: 15,681
Now that PES4 is due out for Xbox - all the PS2 does for me is Transformers. And that's not really the best of games...
Wed 13/10/04 at 00:42
Posts: 3,505
Yep the PS2 does have many good quality games but only a few are just limited the PS2 the GTA's are on the XBOX and PC, the Final Fantasyís (well 7 and 8) were on the PC. only ones like devil may cry and the later FF's are PS2 exclusives. The GameCube has tons of exclusive games to its name, thatís one of the reasons I have a GC because of the great Gameplay that comes with it, I also have a PS2 for other games like the GTA's but I think the GC is slightly better because I prefer more games on the GC than the PS2.
Wed 13/10/04 at 00:27
Posts: 6,492
I don't get where people can say the PS2 has no quality :D

Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto, Ace Combat, Virtua Fighter, Disgaea, Ico, FFVII (backward compatibility rules ;D), to name a very, very few quality games for the PS2.

It really does have somthing for everyone, except people who like Nintendo's first party games, that's all that is missing from what people say is good about the GC compared ot the PS2.
Wed 13/10/04 at 00:12
Posts: 16,558
Biggest range yes.. but not all quality the 'Cube could do with a few more shoot 'em ups but I have a PC for that :D
I wouldn't mind a Final Fantasy that plays like number 7, a Secret Mana, Pro Evolution and a new Metal Gear that is as good as the first or Twin Snakes if you haven't played that..
Oh and have you been practicing your crouching in game Bonus boy?
Wed 13/10/04 at 00:07
Posts: 6,492
I'll be controverial and say it's only worth owning as a second console to the PS2.

Quite simply because the PS2 has a bigger range of games from every genre conceivable, and many exclusives hich areconsidered to be the best in the industry.

The graphics on the PS2 are the worst of the three consoles for most games, but there are a few which make the other two look a bit silly.

Killzone in particular is an excellently realised piece of art, but the low resolution and resulting aliasing mean most people will doom it to have "bad" graphics, if only they know what they were talking about, we'd all be much better off :D
Wed 13/10/04 at 00:05
Posts: 16,558
Sunshine isn't a spinoff..
Wed 13/10/04 at 00:03
"Bow to me!"
Posts: 1,080
Mario: Kart, Golf, Tennis, Sunshine, Paper, Party 4,5,6

I have to admit there is a lot. Most of them are pretty good though, especiall Mario Party, but I do think that they are missing some of the great mini games like them in Mario Party 1.
Tue 12/10/04 at 21:00
Posts: 13,611
Force wrote:
> I reckon that the gamecube is awesome, but what it really lacks are
> really big games that aren't mario titles

I'd disagree - there are two big Mario games alongside about twenty exclusives worth getting on the GameCube. With loads to come.
Tue 12/10/04 at 20:45
"forceful tendencies"
Posts: 450
nintendo just shouts "mario spinoffs" at all my PS2 loving friends *grrr*
Tue 12/10/04 at 20:44
"forceful tendencies"
Posts: 450
precisely that my friend

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