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"Golden Joystick awards 2005"

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Wed 31/08/05 at 20:36
Posts: 15,681
Erm...why is Resi 4 in the "Film-based Game of 2005" catagory?
Sat 03/09/05 at 10:04
Posts: 15,681
Dringo wrote:
> I voted. Mostly for Resident Evil 4.
Sat 03/09/05 at 08:53
Posts: 3,937
I mostly voted for PC games. I voted a while back.
Fri 02/09/05 at 20:20
"Shizzel happens"
Posts: 199
who'd you guys put for publisher of the year? Snake best win best hero
Fri 02/09/05 at 19:25
Posts: 33,481
Having only played GTA3 from the double-pack I find I'm enjoying Narc much more.
Fri 02/09/05 at 19:22
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Well, I completed Vice City 100%, and I gave up on San An after about 30-something%. I felt it just lost something ... didn't enjoy it at all.
Fri 02/09/05 at 18:50
Posts: 18,185
I voted. Mostly for Resident Evil 4.
Fri 02/09/05 at 15:33
"It's so,so cold"
Posts: 386
GTA 3 had the most impact because it was something new whereas Vice City and San Andreas had to build upon that.I thought Vice City did a good job of that as it had good cars,a goodish storline,a good main character and very good music but in thse departments except for cars I felt San Andreas disappointed.I also preferred the way Vice City played as somehow it felt more fun then San An.
Fri 02/09/05 at 10:56
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
I really like GTA3 and I like San Andreas, but I thought VIce City was too similar to GTA3, and I never really liked it.
Fri 02/09/05 at 01:17
"It's so,so cold"
Posts: 386
I really liked GTA 3 and Vice City but hated San Andreas.
Fri 02/09/05 at 00:42
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
How about ... anything but San An?

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