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"Blue Peter cat dead"

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Wed 17/08/05 at 17:05
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Poor Smudge, hit by a car and not even 2 years old :'(
Thu 18/08/05 at 16:35
Posts: 9,995
Aw that was the sexiest one.
Thu 18/08/05 at 15:46
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
"It's only natural, he's defending his territory"

I'd be proud.
Thu 18/08/05 at 15:45
"Wanking Mong"
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I found out yesterday that one of my cats, Rothko, who has lived in my house since his birth, and whom I still view as a sweet natured bundle of fur and mewling kitten-ey happiness, is in fact a bad tempered and brutal psycho of an animal that has been going into my neighbours' homes, beating the ()&* out of their pet cats (and, in one case, dog), eating all their catfood, and shredding their carpets. And some of their clothes.

I can't decide if I'm gutted, or really really proud of him.
Thu 18/08/05 at 15:40
"I like beef"
Posts: 398
:'{. Makes me cry seeing a dead cat.. Blub.

HA HA! Bet you all thought I was being sooo sentimental when I was joking! Ha! Ha,ha,ha! Oh, how I laugh at my own jokes.
Thu 18/08/05 at 14:04
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cookie monster wrote:
> Strangely my grannies cat also died this week, apparently it was in
> the field across from her house covered in maggots. Relish that
> thought this evening.

Hmm, that reminds me, fancy some Beef Stew for tea...
Thu 18/08/05 at 12:57
"Funky Gibon"
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i am not sure that counts as a post. I am sure you want to become a regular but you can't count that as words.
Thu 18/08/05 at 12:52
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dat cat got oba hacksaw owned even no i dont no wot ur talkin about lol
Wed 17/08/05 at 22:35
"now speaks Japanese"
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Im sorry but that is so funny. I am a cat lover, have 2 myself. but that picture of free cat haaa haaa.
Wed 17/08/05 at 21:04
"+34 Intellect"
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Strangely my grannies cat also died this week, apparently it was in the field across from her house covered in maggots. Relish that thought this evening.
Wed 17/08/05 at 21:01
"In Soviet Russia..."
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JFH wrote:
> [URL][/URL]

That's just not funny. Even if it made me laugh.

Poor Smudge. I think he went to an animal care place after a shock attack or something.

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