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"General Knowledge Quiz"

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Fri 08/12/06 at 22:19
"Tempus Fugit"
Posts: 426
What General forum doesn't have a General Knowledge quiz, well, now this one does.
In this thread General Knowledge questions will be asked and you, the people, must give answers. After this first question, the winner will be stated here and then will have to give a question; and so on and so forth. Please don't use the internet, cause where's the fun in that.

The author of the question has to tell people who guess whether they are correct or wrong.

1)If no-one gets the answer within 24 hours of it being posted then the person who set it must ask a new one.
2)If no new question is set within 5 hours someone else will have to set a new question.
3)If you find out the answer on the internet(i.e.Google,Wikipedia) then you can't enter.
4)If you answer a question, you will get a point, providing that you also set a question.
5)No points will be added to the setter's total if no-one answers their question (Because than you could just set a really hard question that no-one would get)

Machie = 2 Points
Kawada = 12 Points
Grandprix = 5 Points
tnc = 23 Points
schummi = 4 Points
Sunflower = 8 Points
Nin = 27 Points
Der Nazi = 10 Points
Smedlos = 4 Points
Very_Metal = 2 Points
Alfonse = 12 Points
Vampyr = 12 Points
Coo Coo = 3 Points
Chaos = 6 Points
Timmargh = 5 Points
Hedfix = 3 Points
gr13ve = 3 Points
Revolver Ocelot = 3 Points
Dragonlance = 38 Points
Garin = 3 Points
Dana Scully = 2 Points
Hippyman = 6 Points
pete_21 = 25 Points
theweirdo666 = 4 Points
ButchML = 1 Point
Sonic Chris = 21 Points
Numnut = 4 Points
jubbachainsaw = 3 Points

Leader Board
#1 = Dragonlance = 38 Points
#2 = Nin = 27 Points
#3 = pete_21 = 25 Points
#4 = tnc = 23 Points
#5 = Sonic Chris = 21 Points
#6 = Kawada = 12 Points
#6 = Vampyr = 12 Points
#6 = Alfonse = 12 Points
#7 = Der Nazi = 10 Points
#8 = Sunflower = 8 Points
#9 = Chaos = 6 Points
#9 = Hippyman = 6 Points
#10 = Timmargh = 5 Points
#10 = Grandprix = 5 Points
#11 = Smedlos = 4 Points
#11 = schummi = 4 Points
#11 = Numnut = 4 Points
#11 = theweirdo666 = 4 Points

please be patient as i will get round to updating the leauge table + the Leader board.
In order to get on the leader board, you must be on the Scorebord with more than 3 points
Also to note: Ridiculous/non general knowlegde questions will not be accepted as proper questions (e.g."do i have to set a question now" or "what is my favourite colour").
I Reserve the Right to award, take away points and to alter or add new rules.
Wed 17/02/10 at 20:31
"Tempus Fugit"
Posts: 426
This weekend, when i have some time i shall endeavor to update the scores, goes back to 8th december 2009!
Tue 09/02/10 at 13:00
Posts: 4,488
Name the MAIN hero in each of the 3 Final Fantasy Games on Ps1!

Can't beat a good ol RPG question lol
Tue 09/02/10 at 12:56
Posts: 19,415
Oh well done Emmie, your turn. :)
Tue 09/02/10 at 12:55
Posts: 4,488


Thats how i always remember that!
Tue 09/02/10 at 12:36
Posts: 19,415
Can you name all the colours that make up a rainbow?
Wed 03/02/10 at 19:09
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Gah, why didn't i post an answer, my dad played this for ages on the old 98. Was a very good game for the time.
Wed 03/02/10 at 18:45
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
Machie wrote:
> Anyone know DLs question? Here's a bonus question. What's Pablo
> Picasso full name?

Hi Machie

Was just about to post the answer anyway:-) As for Picasso, his name is ridiculously long - I can only remember the first four -

Pablo Diego Josť Francisco etc etc etc

As for the first PC smash hit - no, it wasn't The Sims, but a game that was quite beautiful in its rendering, but often regarded as boring, boring and boring. Yet on its release in 1993 the first game sold over 6 million copies!

The game and the answer is Myst

Wed 03/02/10 at 10:05
Posts: 19,415
Anyone know DLs question? Here's a bonus question. What's Pablo Picasso full name?
Fri 29/01/10 at 21:55
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Grrr *raises fist*
Fri 29/01/10 at 19:43
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Sorry DL,thought we waiting for authorisation from Shepps ?.No worries,would have probably only posted a bike question anyway ! :)

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