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Wed 03/08/05 at 14:47
"Dont kill yourself"
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If like me you love smileys, emoticons, whatever you want to call them then check out They make them as models which is a good idea. :D
Fri 05/08/05 at 22:33
Posts: 2,287
DiG wrote:
> If you have smilies then people just start replying to posts with,
> just one smily!

Fri 05/08/05 at 21:57
Posts: 1,296
mattributé wrote:
> gerrid wrote:
> I don't want smilies on here. I don't think anyone else does either.

though text ones are okay

Fri 05/08/05 at 21:32
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Twain wrote:
> for years, we've wanted smilies on here.


As for the smiley models... I might be tempted to buy one, if they were actually any good. They look a bt naff, though.
Fri 05/08/05 at 19:50
"Gamertag = Chavex"
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:8) = me
Fri 05/08/05 at 19:14
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Kilgore Trout wrote:
> ;-)
> :-P
> :-D
> Nope. Still rubbish.


Its...umm...homer simpson...
Fri 05/08/05 at 16:43
Posts: 3,611
People with great personalities.

Fri 05/08/05 at 16:40
Posts: 10,364
Just been on the link in the parent post.

I wonder who actually buys those models...
Fri 05/08/05 at 16:30
Posts: 3,611
True, but when I say abuse I mean use them too much just to annoy people. All too common seeing people spam a whole page full of smileys for no reason whatsoever.
Fri 05/08/05 at 16:29
Posts: 5,857
Well, years ago, before I left these boards, people wanted smilies.

Maybe not now, but I wouldn't mind seeing them still.

MJ wrote:
> Can only imagine how much certain people here would abuse them anyway.

They can do that with the text ones too though. ust post ":-D" or ":-)" in a post.
Fri 05/08/05 at 12:19
"Sorry about speelin"
Posts: 585
If you have smilies then people just start replying to posts with, just one smily!

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