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"christina vs britney"

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Mon 01/08/05 at 20:30
Posts: 190
i was just wondering who is the most popular, just out of intrest

i think christina aguilera has a better voice

i just want to know what poeple think
Wed 03/08/05 at 08:20
Posts: 4,279
I'd still do 'em both. Well, before Brit got pregnant anyway.
Wed 03/08/05 at 07:56
"Devotion 2The Ocean"
Posts: 6,658
hahaha, not seen a post like this in many a year...

Did see Britney's new video the other day. She looked quite nice for a change {in these times}. Though she's now preggers!! :(

Anyways, to the original post, Christina Vs Britney.... NEITHER! Mandy Moore all the way! :P

Tue 02/08/05 at 12:52
Posts: 11
Christina for the sex and britney for the cleaning. From rescent photos she looks like she could do with the exposure to anti-bacterial products.
As far as their music is concerned Christina makes me want to hang myself less so i guess i would have to go for her.
Tue 02/08/05 at 12:13
Posts: 21,800
Hedfix wrote:
> Image over content for both of them.

Depends what you put in them.
Tue 02/08/05 at 12:11
Posts: 6,702
I had to resist Barenudes, which was a struggle.
Tue 02/08/05 at 11:50
"I like beef"
Posts: 398
ssxpro wrote:

> St Berrnureds
> St Bernodes

Lovely Spelling.
Tue 02/08/05 at 11:33
Posts: 6,702
thenamechanger wrote:
> they've had more bones in their mouths than a
> hand-me-down arm cast but ... well, it was your analogy

I think I prefer the St Berrnureds one. A hand-me-down arm cast? Say three or four bones in there tops. Besides, mouth is stretching things a little to complete the analogy properly, unless one end of the cast is considered to be the "mouth". I'd have left the St Bernodes alone.
Tue 02/08/05 at 11:23
"I like beef"
Posts: 398
Hedfix wrote:
> Image over content for both of them.

Heh. Yeah.
Tue 02/08/05 at 00:43
Posts: 33,481
Image over content for both of them.

Vapid bints.
Mon 01/08/05 at 22:49
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
I concur.

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