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"happy slapping- wot r ur views?"

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Mon 01/08/05 at 14:03
"happy slappin"
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who wants to cum n chat wiv me bout happy slappin as i need it for sum work im doin lol.
Fri 05/08/05 at 12:13
"Sorry about speelin"
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Happy slapping is a stupid and horrible thing to do and I hope the people doing it get what they deserve tbh
Tue 02/08/05 at 10:37
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Happy Slappers are just Darwin Award wannabes. They know what they are doing is cruel and dangerous and hopefully they will be singled out and be publicly humiliated for the morons that they are. At least with most Darwin Award Winners -they just die because of stupidity (usually not knowing what they are doing is dangerous!) Makes more entertaining reading!
Mon 01/08/05 at 20:03
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Can't say I won't enjoy watching that on my mobile.
Mon 01/08/05 at 16:50
"Yes you are"
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I prefer the less-reported but infinitely more fun passtime of "Train Chicken".

You know, the one where a 'brave' moron gets a slightly less brave moron to film them standing on the tracks and jumping out of the way of an oncoming train at the last moment.

It's jolly good fun, there are no innocent victims, and it will inevitably help thin out the herd of imbeciles.

We will no doubt have to suffer a barrage of distraught parents on the local news, telling us what a "perfect child" the brave moron was, but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.
Mon 01/08/05 at 16:22
"you've got a beard"
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brownsugar17 wrote:
> dnt worry i dnt happy slap anyone. i wud just like to av ur views on
> it as i am doin wk on media n how da british media present happy
> slappin ok .

you're producing an academic writing on the matter?

... incredible.
Mon 01/08/05 at 15:27
Posts: 3,611
brownsugar17 wrote:
> who wants to give me their views on dis ridculous craze happy slappin
> coz it gets mr really worked up, how cud anyone film sumone being
> beaten up so bad?.

Personally I'd just go to good old google and search for it, a lot of people have discussed it in the past and as you can see, no one here is going to give you a serious response.
Mon 01/08/05 at 14:24
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Hedfix wrote:
> *Digs up*
> *Humps*

That's out of order.


Mon 01/08/05 at 14:22
Posts: 33,481
*Digs up*

Mon 01/08/05 at 14:22
Posts: 5,953
Cong_Man wrote:
> JFH wrote:
> Cong_Man wrote:
> *dies*
> *buries*
> *rots*

*recomposes Congy*
Mon 01/08/05 at 14:20
Posts: 9,808
JFH wrote:
> Cong_Man wrote:
> *dies*
> *buries*


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