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"SR Photography Competition"

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Fri 29/07/05 at 13:21
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792

I'm thinking that most people here have a camera, and probably 80% of you never use it.

So ... same thing as the Short Story comp, obviously.

If you're interested, just say so, then I'll edit this post with a topic title for your photos, and a closing date for the compo. Then, snap away and I'll pick whichever one I like the most, and whoever wins gets to set the next competition and so on and so forth.

Any takers? Aye, go on.

Fantastic, let's get started.
The first topic's going to be:


So .. er ... yeah.

Dunno how long to give really, we'll have to see as we go along, but I'll put a stop date down as the 20th of August at the moment.

[Edit - up to 2 photos per person]


Okay, results are here. Hooray!

3rd place:
Timmargh - [URL][/URL]
Gay curtain, lovely photo.

2nd place:
monkey man - [URL][/URL]
The reflections off the windows makes it extra special

And 1st place:
RoJ - [URL][/URL]
Because it's so damn funky.

Good times, cheers all for your many classy entries. Power to the SRPC.
Tue 23/08/05 at 13:04
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Clazon wrote:
> It just failed on your site too.
> Conspiracy I tell thee!

Looks like you've got a duff jpg. Gutted.
Tue 23/08/05 at 12:38
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807

It just failed on your site too.

Conspiracy I tell thee!
Tue 23/08/05 at 12:33
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
Sure thing m_m. Thanks.


Urggghh. I sound like that Little Timmy O'Toole that was the annoying compadre of one crimefighter or another.

"Gee Willikers Spider-man..."
Tue 23/08/05 at 11:47
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Ahem, Clazon: [URL][/URL]
Tue 23/08/05 at 00:40
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
Image shack is being gay- again.

It's clearly on in the conspiracy to make me lose this competition.
Tue 23/08/05 at 00:13
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
Muahahahaha. Solitude, plays right into my hands...

Of course you'll reject my snaps over one of Sheepy being a loner in London with a 1m radius clearance, or something.
Mon 22/08/05 at 18:03
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
At the end of the day it's up to the judge to decide, and because eveyone has different opinions the photo they pick will vary.

But yeah. I had found a glass prism I stole years ago from physics so I decided to put it to some use, so I climbed under a towel and shone a torch that emmitted blue light (from gadget shop). Some of the results were poor, when it was in focus it actually looked crap, because it was just bascially a photo of a prism slightly lit up. So I zoomed in and because I was getting carpet burns the camera shook a little, which gave an interesting result. To the photo not my arms.
Mon 22/08/05 at 14:35
Posts: 6,492
I've got loads of over exposed photos of lights like that from concerts.

I'd call it bad photography over good :D.

[URL][/URL] : See :D.
Mon 22/08/05 at 14:34
Posts: 18,775
Would have looked better if it was in focus. But each to their own :)
Mon 22/08/05 at 13:52
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Blue light through a prism, apparently.
I probably wouldn't have chosen it without knowing what it was.

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