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"Pink shirts"

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Tue 19/07/05 at 13:16
Posts: 13,017
Whats with every generic topman clone wearing pink all of a sudden?

Perhaps it shows their feminine side?

Kill 'em

Wed 20/07/05 at 18:09
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
Cong_Man wrote:

> But I would never ever wear one to go cubbing.

this just in, Congs local scout hall has increased security....
Wed 20/07/05 at 15:46
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
Mystique must be a real man then.
Wed 20/07/05 at 15:45
Posts: 4,199
Real men don't wear clothes.
Wed 20/07/05 at 14:12
Posts: 9,808
I'd probably wear a pink shirt for work if I had one.

But I would never ever wear one to go cubbing. Or shopping. Or loafing.
Tue 19/07/05 at 23:16
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
Anyone who wears pink and is male should get shot.
Tue 19/07/05 at 23:04
Posts: 10,759
Pink's my school's colour. It's damn cool (ish).

I have a pink shirt, but it's so pale that it only looks pink in certain light. That's why uit's better than all the other pink shirts.

But yeh, bright pink shirts? DIEDIEDIEDIEIDE
Tue 19/07/05 at 22:35
Posts: 13,017
Thank you ginger person
Tue 19/07/05 at 21:00
"Light of the world"
Posts: 4,763
Though I am partly angry with myself for naturally associating 'pink' with 'girls', 'wimps' and 'homosexuals' or indeed 'italians'..

I agree totally - If and when I go to a club (In which case everyone looks like they have been cloned and attached by the tongues anyway) - It does actually look quite surreal. Like ROBOTS stylee (the film)

They all wear ripped jeans, with Timberlands and their heair done all spiky at the back and top and slicked at sides - with these pink T shirts.

..What is going on?

I mean, it doesnt do anything for this lady <> at ALL!

Give me some baggy trousers and a nice t shirt - with nice hair, or of course a shirt and sexy jeans man anyday... none of this 'im A.OK with my sexuality so i am wearing a pink MAKE POVERTY HISTORY band with matching boots and t shirt.


(rant over)
Tue 19/07/05 at 19:04
"I am Bumf Ucked"
Posts: 3,669
I'm metrosexual.

I shag cities.
Tue 19/07/05 at 17:23
Posts: 9,995
Yeah I think you're all right. Wearing pink makes you gay. You can suck my CK boxer shorts.

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