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"Food recommendation"

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Sat 16/07/05 at 17:09
"Tesco value"
Posts: 992
Not one to eat junk food normally, but saw our local Mcdonalds were doing fresh baguettes.
Had one of their late lunch ones, with onion, tomato, sausage, bacon and fruity sauce, in a soft crispy toasted baguette

I almost came

Mon 18/07/05 at 13:55
Posts: 9,808
The Wardy wrote:
> I wanna get a meatball sub with the melted cheese. I have only ever
> seen Joey eating one on Friends but it looks and sounds nice!

The meatball Sub is a god and as such deserves your worship.
Sun 17/07/05 at 23:13
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
They put lard in the milkshakes aswell.

Sun 17/07/05 at 23:10
"Tesco value"
Posts: 992
if their food doesn't give you cancer first
Sun 17/07/05 at 23:03
Posts: 5,848
McDonalds use hydrogenated fat - put into understandable terms - you're about to die a slow and laboured sugary death
Sun 17/07/05 at 23:02
"Tesco value"
Posts: 992
a variety meal from KFC, completely ruined by the fact they don't do their sweet and sour sauce any more.

seriously, try McDonalds baguettes!
Sun 17/07/05 at 21:50
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Pitta + Chicken + salsa stuff + tomato sauce with chilli + garlic


Sun 17/07/05 at 21:47
"Tesco value"
Posts: 992
yep, paramedic and now a special, thinking of transferring to the dark side, I know you've been there and done that, I just want to give it a trial and see if I want to join for good.

I enjoy what I do but don't like working for the NHS, it's all about money and cutting corners. It seems everyone we pick up isn't a patient, just a big stop watch from start to finish
Sun 17/07/05 at 19:40
"Gamertag = Chavex"
Posts: 1,367
Whats your favourite food and has been for the past year???

Mines got to be Cornflakes with musli and honey on,*sssslllurrrpp!!*
Sun 17/07/05 at 19:03
Posts: 1,416
This sounds like something I could make at home. The special sauce always comes twice.

Gosh, I'm so bad today. :P
Sun 17/07/05 at 12:20
Posts: 6,015
Mmmmmmmmm Rustlers

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