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Wed 13/07/05 at 10:59
Posts: 10,364
I got my accomodation confirmation from Lincoln today.

Court 13, Apartment 6

You heard anything from them yet?
Sat 23/07/05 at 03:35
Posts: 11,024
Stryke wrote:
> "I never play against real people" either means:
> 1) I've got no friends, hold me
> 2) My friends are too cool for computer games, but I'm not.
> Which?

Well, the latter, but of course from my point of view it's I who is too cool not to play computer games.

I've tried to convince them, but even if I do it'll take them ages to get to a standard where they can even THINK about challenging me at Pro Evo.
Sat 23/07/05 at 02:24
Posts: 3,082
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> My only concern is how many other first years are going to be there.

Seems as i'm here, me for one.
Fri 22/07/05 at 16:27
Posts: 4,279
It's very new and when I had a look around it was very posh. Much better than the Uni accomadation and it literally is across the bridge from the Uni. It's opposite Debenhams and it even has an in built Spar =D
Fri 22/07/05 at 14:34
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Apparently there's 300-odd student rooms in this place, but the rest is privately rented. Hopfully they're all together in the same place.
It's all rather posh, though.
Fri 22/07/05 at 14:06
Posts: 10,364
I remember on the open day, they said that there was 3 different types of accomodation: -

1. Halls/Courts
2. University Approved
3. Private

I'd imagine you have the University approved developments, which are used when the Halls fill up. Don't worry about it too much, they said they fill up of first year students and they're not that far away from the campus either.

Private is where you stay and lodge in someones house, or share a house with others.
Fri 22/07/05 at 14:00
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
No it's called Brayford Quays, and seems to be seperate from the university as the letter goes on about a landlord, and I have to apply for a room there.

This sucks.
Fri 22/07/05 at 13:58
Posts: 10,364
Is it Hayes Wharf (spelling?)?

Because I know a few people who are going to that one. I can't imagine them shoving you in with a load of second year people, so you'll be most likely placed with other freshers.
Fri 22/07/05 at 12:39
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Erk ... okaay ...
I'm in the ultra-modern student housing bit across the river, apparently. Even though I have to apply again for a room there.

Bit miffed - I would have preferred to be on-campus. But it's really not far away at all. My only concern is how many other first years are going to be there.
Sat 16/07/05 at 23:09
Posts: 16,548
"I never play against real people" either means:

1) I've got no friends, hold me

2) My friends are too cool for computer games, but I'm not.

Sat 16/07/05 at 18:37
Posts: 11,024
Stryke wrote:
> Unproven, as of yet. You're a little girl who jumps at loud noises,
> and I lost to Spain.
> We're both awful. But you're worse, probably.

I'm great against the computer, I just never play any real people which explains my losses. Even the fact that there was a number two...numeral two on the screen in a different colour put me off for the first couple of matches.

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