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"Caption contest"

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Mon 11/07/05 at 23:20
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For the record, it's a genuine unshopped photo taken from (I believe) BBC News' website, and it's a procession of happy, liberated Iraqis showing how cool it is to be able to wash and clean themselves. That's a shampoo bottle he's holding. Not a lady-prodder.
Wed 13/07/05 at 16:16
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
"give us a kiss"
Wed 13/07/05 at 13:32
Posts: 5,857
"Phew! *heavy panting* Never again."
Tue 12/07/05 at 23:18
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
Clazon wrote:
> Very_Metal wrote:
> "....ok, now show me where the bad man put it"
> Best so far.

thanks :)
Tue 12/07/05 at 21:23
"Tesco value"
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Its dringo holding a large candle, his only source of comfort after big Bubba has 'welcomed' him into the new wing
Tue 12/07/05 at 21:05
"Bad Wolf; England"
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"This shampoo I bought. It's lady-stuff, not Lynx!"
Tue 12/07/05 at 20:26
"In Soviet Russia..."
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"It's empty. Can I have another?"
Tue 12/07/05 at 20:18
"The Red Shift"
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Very_Metal wrote:
> "....ok, now show me where the bad man put it"

Best so far.
Tue 12/07/05 at 17:48
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It's like colonialism never ended.
Tue 12/07/05 at 17:48
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"Cruelty to Iraqi's continue from the americans, as the captive Iraqi's are forced to wash"
Tue 12/07/05 at 17:43
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"Iraqi porn industry suffers from lack of female workers"

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