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"RIP Richard Whiteley"

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Sun 26/06/05 at 21:52
Posts: 2,769
Cannot belive this guy has died, he was an absolute legend, rest in peace, pay your respects.
Fri 01/07/05 at 20:53
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
They should do a tribute Countdown.
Fri 01/07/05 at 20:31
Posts: 5,953
Auf Deutsch wrote:
> RIP indeed. He was a legend. Like a lot of people, I knew he was ill,
> but I really wasn't expecting this. It's eerie though, only last week
> on Channel 4 I saw one of their ads where Richard was saying how he'd
> like to be remembered..."As the first person on Channel 4."

They just showed that advert again, interestingly they cut Whiteley's bit out of it though.
Tue 28/06/05 at 11:19
Posts: 19,415
[email protected] wrote:
> Oh and RIP Tigger

RIP Piglet too

whats with all the Winnie the Pooh voice actors dying so close together
Mon 27/06/05 at 20:59
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Dringo wrote:
> Do you think they'll play the final countdown at his funeral?
> Legend he was.

Everyone listen to it now in respect.

We'll miss ya Whiteley.
Mon 27/06/05 at 20:41
Posts: 2,769
countdown is on tommomorw and wednesday, with both semi finals being shown on thursday, the final is on friday followed by a special Richard Whiteley tribute documentary program. Thats for all students, unemployed, get a job.
Mon 27/06/05 at 19:20
Posts: 1,204
Ok i was surprised he died (i never watch the news or anything) but i was talking to my physics teacher (this may be gossip but ah well):
My physics teachers friend, was friend with richard whiteleys cousin, who happened to die at around christmas. Apparently family friends (like my teachers friend) have known he was going to die for a bout 3 months, and i thought this was a sudden thing, and he said that he had something wrong with him they hadnt told the press.
Sorry for that, deepest sympathies and all, i got a few minutes silence out of people at school today :)
Mon 27/06/05 at 18:25
"be happy"
Posts: 162
Legend my d---.
Mon 27/06/05 at 18:23
"be happy"
Posts: 162
He died, like so many of his jokes before him.
Mon 27/06/05 at 18:19
Posts: 18,185
Do you think they'll play the final countdown at his funeral?

Legend he was.
Mon 27/06/05 at 17:03
Posts: 11,024
Plus, you can still get a nine letter word in Scrabble by attaching seven letters to a two letter word already on the board. Or six to three, five to four etc.

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