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"My trip to London"

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Sun 26/06/05 at 18:32
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Got up at 7 to the loud noise of thunder and rain pourring down. Great stuff considering I was on my way to Wimbledon. Got the small amount of stuff I needed packed and we headed off in the car to pick up my grandparents because they were a necessary requirement considering they had the tickets. Arrived at the train station and was booted out the car to discover that it was just me and my grandparents that would be going and with that the car disappeared as we stood in the now deafening rain.

We made our way across the winding paths to the ticket office only to be told that the trains had been cancelled. This was at around 9:15 and we had another train to catch from Birmingham at 10:00. Cue panic attack from my gran as she fumbles around to find her mobile to phone for a car to take us to Birmingham.

We arrived with around ten minutes to spare and made our way down to the platform. At this point I decided I needed the toilet and so did my grandad. So, we followed the first sign, which said to go down a lift. We did this and then followed more signs down a corridor and then up another lift. At this point we found ourselves back outside. The train was going to depart in about 2 minutes so we ran back through the station but were confronted by security who wanted to see our tickets. Convieniently, my gran had the tickets. This meant that we just had to run for it and luckily 'security' was just a small woman who didn't really seem that bothered.

We made it down to the platform and now had to make it to coach A. We were standing by coach K. More running commeced but we made it. We sat down and then the man infront of me began coughing, and he didn't stop coughing until we arrived in London over 2 hours later. Also, the announcer on the train had a habit of extending 'a' sounds, "We are now aaaat Birminghaaaaaam Internaaaaationaaal."

We arrived at Euston just after midday and the rain had now stopped, and then me and my gran caught the underground to Southfields, which is near Wimbledon, and my grandad went to check in at the hotel. The underground journey was long but it was practically empty so there were no seating problems. We arrived at Wimbledon at about quarter to one.

After spending what felt like hours searching for the right stair-case we finally took our seats on centre court, just as the players finished their warm ups. The seats were fantastic, positioned slightly to the left of the umpire and in the west stand (so the sun was behind us, not in our eyes) and they were close enough so you could see all the expression on the players' faces. Also, I got to sit next to an 'Honourary Steward'! He had a big hat and started talking to me about which celebrities were there. Frankly, I didn't care that Cliff Richard was there in his stupid green shirt.

We saw Hewitt play first and that was a good match, the Australians got very excited and started chanting after almost every point. Roddick then came out for his match but only played seven games before rain hit. A mexican wave than began and then went on, and on, and on. I quickly became tiring after it passed me for the twentieth time but then play resumed and the match was finished (another good one even if it was only two sets) and then the covers came on again at which point it seemed sensible to leave. I believe that Friday is the only day that there has been rain at Wimbledon so far this year. Bah.

After marching through the rain with about ten thousand other people to the underground station and being poked in the face numerous times with umbrellas, we made it to Victoria at 7:30. We were booked to stay in the Holiday Inn, which was apparently right outside the station. We looked and found the Heperia. We walked in anyway and out popped my grandad to inform us that we're actually booked in at the Holiday Inn Express, about half a mile down the road. Thankfully, the rain had gone by this point so the trek to the hotel wasn't too bad.

Inside were two double beds, almost touching, a Grundig TV and a disabled bathroom. Yey. The day concluded with us eating, watching the matches we'd already seen on 'Today at Wimbledon' and then sleeping.


We woke up, got dressed, etc. and then made our way to the breakfast room. This was basically toast or cereal though you had to make the toast yourself using the world's slowest toasters. There was some nice jam though.

Next we made our way to the underground to make our trip to Greenwich. Having never been I did't know what to expect. I was highly disappointed. We visited the Cutty Sark, which was crap, the maritime museum, which was crap, and the queen's house, which was the crappest. Somehow, we still managed to fill around 6-7 hours. There was also an 'arial stunt show' on the Cutty Sark, which was truly awful. I felt embarrassed for the people doing it.

We made our way to Oxford Street Circus and the first thing I notice when I got out of the station was 'Niketown', which seemingly doesn't like customers because they had a huge picture of the new Arsenal kit in the window to make people back away due to it being so ugly.

I was told we were going to a really good restaurant called the Red Onion. Sounded alright to me. My thoughts changed after we spent a while trawling through the back streets until eventually arriving and finding food on my fork and a dead fly in my glass. I ordered the pasta, which to my unpleasant surprise came with muchos corgette. Mmmm.

We then had to make our way to Tottenham Court Road for the night's entertainment at the Dominion Theatre, We Will Rock You. I wasn't sure whether this would be any good or not but based on the fact that it had been running for four years already I decided that it couldn't be too bad. In fact, it was brilliant, the lead woman in particualr put in a fantastic performance. I want to go again. Now.

It finished at around 11pm and at the underground station, as the doors opened, an Asian guy jumped out and screamed "Waaasssuuuppp!" and then ran off. He didn't have any front teeth though.

Whilst on the ride back to Victoria a load of Australians (I felt like there were millions of Australians in London but I think that it's because they're all so loud that you begin to believe there are more than there actually is) started singing random songs. Fortuanately, one of them did actually have a decent singing voice.


Nothing interesting at all, just came back home and arrived back at about 1:45. A gew hours later I started typing this.
Sun 26/06/05 at 23:50
"tall skinny latte"
Posts: 623
I went to Wimbledon on the first day of the tournament, but it was for a job interview.
Sun 26/06/05 at 20:07
Posts: 2,207
Oh sorry, I thought you liked them innocent and unknowing. My mistake.
Sun 26/06/05 at 19:49
Posts: 11,024
I just practically told you I'm a paedophile, so obviously yes.
Sun 26/06/05 at 19:43
Posts: 2,207
Hi Blank! Wanna meet up! LOL
Sun 26/06/05 at 19:40
Posts: 11,024
Oriental Rib wrote:
> I'm a child by the way.

You shouldn't give out information like this on the internet, there could be certain types of people snooping around. Well, I say "could be," there are.
Sun 26/06/05 at 19:34
Posts: 2,207
Get on Halo2 Odd Toe, and yes I went to Brixton. What a magical place where there are PC's in communal rasta houses and dealers on doorsteps. And there's a cool climbing frame. And cheap good pool where you can watch rastas get angry when they lose at poker. And then to top it off, almost get mugged by rastas. What a great night that was.
Sun 26/06/05 at 19:34
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
gerrid wrote:
> Since when were the buses in London "cheap". 1.20 is
> not "cheap". 5.40 for a travelcard is not
> "cheap".
> I live in London and I didn't see you this weekend so I conclude that
> this was all an elaborate dream. Case Closed.
Sun 26/06/05 at 19:30
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Oriental Rib wrote:
> 1.00 for the day to go anywhere is cheap. I'm a child by the
> way.

You lucky bell.

And it's Brixton, unless you were making a Bricks-town joke.
Sun 26/06/05 at 19:25
Posts: 5,323
Dolores Rasta.

Brickston the place you read about in books.
Sun 26/06/05 at 19:22
Posts: 2,207
1.00 for the day to go anywhere is cheap. I'm a child by the way.

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