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"I want a DS but i dont"

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Mon 20/06/05 at 09:57
Posts: 468
Rite my bday soon so i was finkin, i will get a ds, but u no, im not like a crazy gamer, im more into going out nd sports
so is there reli a point, i onli wood want the ds for:
pictochat, which i can go on msn insted
animal crosin whihc i alredy got 4 gameube,
yer i chnged mi mind im not gettin it now
pointless post
i shood just delete it
but any way i wouldnt be seen with a ds cos it givs u bad rep init cos it looks like pafetic
well wot shood i get for my bday, im finkin money
so i can spend it on
new jumpa t shirts nd jeans
i reli need new trainers soon
well now i will talk bout
nintendo revoloution
3 times the power of gamcube
u r rong nintendo
ppl want da power
not wot u do with it
nintendo r goin dwn hill, y do u need a small console, its not like u can put it in ur pocket
nintendo u r so silly
if i was in charge i wood copy every1 elses idea
nd the tuch screen has gone 2 nintendos heads
think how much it will cost to get mulitplayer!
Tue 21/06/05 at 16:08
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934

Punch me.
Tue 21/06/05 at 09:45
"Less chat...More ha"
Posts: 532
Good...but I prefer...

"You look like the type of girl i'd like to take out...with one punch!"
Mon 20/06/05 at 19:02
Posts: 8,220
But its good because it's lame.

Like the guy I know who got bared from his local for insulting the bar lady with the put-down of all time: "I'll see you never".

I'm going to use that one!
Mon 20/06/05 at 18:20
Posts: 1,204
If this is a joke,
its the lamest joke ever.
Mon 20/06/05 at 16:42
Posts: 3,491
Boogie Ben wrote:
> actually im very interlectal

'very interlectal' indeed.
Mon 20/06/05 at 16:40
Posts: 468
Chr1s wrote:
> It's almost impossible that someone can be this stupid.
well actually im very interlectal, u wil be physicaly chalenged beatin me in biology look at mi awards
im the queen btw
da 1 hoo started this post
Mon 20/06/05 at 16:03
Posts: 8,220
Heh. It was funnier than the squirrel web site :^)
Mon 20/06/05 at 14:34
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
It's almost impossible that someone can be this stupid.
Mon 20/06/05 at 12:12
Posts: 7,741
Tphi weeps :' {
Mon 20/06/05 at 11:48
Posts: 11,373
And now in English please.

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