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Mon 13/06/05 at 19:45
Posts: 18,775
Got me 2 tickets to Live8 baby!! WOOHOO!
Tue 14/06/05 at 17:39
Posts: 13,611
Wow. Look at those prices.

That's hilarious that all this wasn't anticipated.
Tue 14/06/05 at 17:28
Posts: 33,481
I'd go to see Pink Floyd executed one by one.
Tue 14/06/05 at 17:26
Posts: 11,038
I think they should have set aside a small amount of tickets which they sold at a high price so that those who REALLY want to go (ie sell them at huge price) can go, and then they won't have to buy them from the eBay people.

One word: scum
Tue 14/06/05 at 14:34
Posts: 1,302
My mum won tickets to that, but as she don't have time to go she game em to my sister. heh
Tue 14/06/05 at 14:22
Posts: 10,759
I got tickets.

I love me.
Tue 14/06/05 at 13:57
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
Tagline wrote:
> seriously that must be a pee take
> tedbaker999666 ( 0 ) 10,099.00 14-Jun-05 10:00:50 BST
> markfisherjones ( 2 ) 9,999.00 14-Jun-05 08:47:05 BST
> bushbeast666 ( 0 )New eBay Member (less than 30 days)
> 1,600.00 14-Jun-05 01:18:53 BST

People are bidding on them with stupid amounts to ruin everything. Good on them.

I'd like to see all the tickets taken down, I wanted to go but I got no text. (Yet.) People who buy them just to sell them on deseve just be raped, twice.
Tue 14/06/05 at 13:51
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
Tue 14/06/05 at 13:50
Posts: 11,373
Tue 14/06/05 at 13:49
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
As shall I

Hope I dont SEE YOU
Tue 14/06/05 at 13:47
Posts: 23,284
I'll be away on my holibags so I'll miss it.

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