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"PS2 headset?"

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Thu 09/06/05 at 18:03
"Socom 3 > All."
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Why are they out of stock everywhere?

My headset recently broke and now i can't get any anywhere :S

Anyone know why? and know of anywhere i can get the official headset
Sun 12/06/05 at 18:25
"lets go back"
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Yeah, but it came with socom didnt it? So the standalone unit probably didnt get sold much, I'd guess.
Sun 12/06/05 at 18:23
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I thought they were quite popular. It was crap on the likes of Burnout 3, but it was great when playing SOCOM 1 or 2.
Sun 12/06/05 at 18:20
"lets go back"
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They probably didnt make many seen as they were never that popular and hence, have ran out.
Sun 12/06/05 at 18:12
"Socom 3 > All."
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Anyone know why the headsets have gone so low on supply?
Fri 10/06/05 at 00:46
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eBay has a cool looking logitech headset. I'd link to it but i just cant be arsed
Thu 09/06/05 at 19:50
"Socom 3 > All."
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Mozzy wrote:
> EDIT : Obviously.
> Bagger, it's me, Stridman. Hello.

Lol, hi

Still p!ssed off with me? Lol
Thu 09/06/05 at 19:16
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Baggers wrote:
> Thanks for the enlightening reponse...

Don't worry about Emitime - it's his Rag Week.
Thu 09/06/05 at 18:23
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EDIT : Obviously.

Bagger, it's me, Stridman. Hello.
Thu 09/06/05 at 18:11
"Socom 3 > All."
Posts: 733
Thanks for the enlightening reponse...
Thu 09/06/05 at 18:07
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Because Sony suck.

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