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Sat 28/05/05 at 22:24
Posts: 3,491
Growing a mullet has done wonders for my sex life.
It could do the same for you.

Thu 02/06/05 at 15:24
Posts: 1,902
therage79 wrote:
> Ah Paul Calf...what a legend...
> "Look at that...Ford Cortina MK can't buy class like
> that"
> "Where'd you get the spotlights?"
> "Halfords"
> Classic

Thu 02/06/05 at 15:01
"Less chat...More ha"
Posts: 532
Ah Paul Calf...what a legend...

"Look at that...Ford Cortina MK can't buy class like that"

"Where'd you get the spotlights?"


Thu 02/06/05 at 14:58
"Less chat...More ha"
Posts: 532
Man Mullet looks like a pikey doing an impression of a german rockstar!
"Hey so crazy..David Hasslehoff is my idol"..etc
Thu 02/06/05 at 14:38
Posts: 33,481
If you have a mullet you are legally obligated to walk up to ugly women and shout "But Pauline!" at the top of your voice.
Thu 02/06/05 at 14:35
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
Cong_Man wrote:

> Cat Mullet(?)
> [URL][/URL]

I want a cat with a mullet...
Wed 01/06/05 at 10:14
Posts: 9,808
Man Mullet

Woman Mullet

Cat Mullet(?)
Wed 01/06/05 at 10:07
Posts: 1,902
*pulls bottom of mullet & runs away*
Sun 29/05/05 at 23:34
Posts: 23,284
Shutyo fac
Sun 29/05/05 at 22:55
"kill or be killed"
Posts: 635
worst thing i've seen.. a girl with a mullet
Sun 29/05/05 at 16:51
Posts: 183
Del Rogeo wrote:
> Is that a mullet on your head or are you just pleased to see me?

LOL! That wasn't too good there Del Rogeo m8ty

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