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Wed 25/05/05 at 18:51
"Bow to me!"
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Has anyone seen an official multi-tap for the original PS2? Also, does the slimline designed multi-tap really not work with the original PS2? If not why not?
Fri 27/05/05 at 18:03
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lcarus wrote:
> Sony are great at milking everything. But no more for the PS3.

I believe they might be selling the hard drives separately, so plenty of opportunity to milk a few more quid there somewhere along the way. Plus there's the slimline PSThree which will predictably be out around 2011 which won't be compatible with anything previously, probably.
Fri 27/05/05 at 17:40
"Bow to me!"
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It does say its "Compatible with previous Playstation 2 models via seperate cable." Wonder if that means the new ones come with them. Doubt it though...
Fri 27/05/05 at 00:37
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Nah, they're incompatible with each other; the right multitap version must be bought for your console.

Sony are great at milking everything. But no more for the PS3.
Fri 27/05/05 at 00:35
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Nope, just old.

Tinted glass.
Thu 26/05/05 at 23:57
"Bow to me!"
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So this Joytech multitap... does if work on new and old PS2's?
Thu 26/05/05 at 17:58
"period drama"
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It's so mysterious!
Thu 26/05/05 at 17:55
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Marcini wrote:
> Has anyone seen an official multi-tap for the original PS2?

Yep saw one in... CEX (Computer EXchange)

However, hard to get hold of (*new) but the Joytech one SR sells is class. Actually, I've got one in the cabinet behind me, through the tinted black glass.

Aye, fear the glass.
Thu 26/05/05 at 14:31
"lets go back"
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There was an original PS2 'tap years ago. I didnt know there was a new "slim" version. Just get an old one = problem solved.
Wed 25/05/05 at 23:28
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I know that the normal multi-tap doesn't work with the slimline as I tried it at a mates house but I am not sure if the slimline one works with the normal PS2.My guess is it doesn't.
Wed 25/05/05 at 18:54
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Yep only a couple of days ago.

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