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"Today Malcolm Glazer has..."

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Tue 17/05/05 at 15:58
Posts: 16,548
1) Sold Ruud for glue
2) Made the North Stand into a supercasino
3) Replaced the turf with genuine South-East Asian fakegrass(TM)
4) Ignored Phil Neville
5) Introduced added time multiball
6) Signed Vin Diesel

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Sun 22/05/05 at 21:31
"Trout a la creme"
Posts: 2,858
The Killers - I should have mentioned that I found that joke whilst reading it on SR. McTrafford heh
Sun 22/05/05 at 18:00
"Funky Gibon"
Posts: 473
23) Sold the name of the stadium to macdonalds who the call the stadium MacTraford.
Sat 21/05/05 at 17:58
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
22) Cheered on Arsenal in the cup final
Sat 21/05/05 at 17:53
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
21) Lost the FA Cup Final, ahahahahahaha
Sat 21/05/05 at 17:10
Posts: 11,024
20) Been bought by Roman Abramovic
Sat 21/05/05 at 15:56
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
YOUR joke? You're a n00b, n00b. I spoke to Azul, who had it as his screenname. Are you suggesting you may be a former member?
Sat 21/05/05 at 13:36
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
18) Had his beard devour 7 small children
Sat 21/05/05 at 13:35
"Trout a la creme"
Posts: 2,858
17)Asked Jean Claude Van Damme to play him in a dramatic reimagining of the story of how he took over Manchester United Soccer Club.
Fri 20/05/05 at 05:35
Posts: 8,220
16) Stored half his dinner in his little furry cheeks and run around in his wheel
Thu 19/05/05 at 19:49
"Monkey Man"
Posts: 62
15) booked the whole team and coaching staff for a 8 hour flight, just circling munich as he heard that in the past man utd went down a treat there

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