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"Official PS2 E3 Thread"

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Mon 16/05/05 at 17:29
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This week there'll be loads of news, screenshots, footage etc because of E3 so why not make a thread to stop everyone posting the "OMG, LOOK AT THE PS3!!11" or "GTA ON DA PSP!!!11" threads.

I'll start off by sharing some news from

[URL][/URL] - ps3 teasers

[URL][/URL] - mgs4 revealed TONIGHT!

[URL][/URL] - gta name revealed

Wed 18/05/05 at 11:31
Posts: 15,443
Still, SOny are the kings of hype, They did it with PS2 and the Emotion Engine.
Wed 18/05/05 at 09:18
Posts: 2,781
Shhh, fanboy.
Wed 18/05/05 at 08:17
Posts: 15,443
It was pre-rendered unfortunately.
Tue 17/05/05 at 23:10
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
It's the ugliest console I've seen in a long time but I suppose that doesn't matter. The Killznoe video is amazing, although the animation on the characters seemed a little off. Reminded me of the MOH Normandy landings, almost a direct scene for scene copy of that, really, but nice and updated.

But the controller - oh my. Lucky you'll be able to use your dual shock, but Sony still haven't figured out that they put the analog in the wrong place. Doy.
Tue 17/05/05 at 16:34
"Bring the beat back"
Posts: 1,804
Mozzy wrote:
> Holy cow they are actually the real pics.
> I love the look of that controller. Glad they didn't stick with the
> other one.

I dunno about that, the controllers put me off a little to be honest but it could also make the gaming experience better so its hard to say if its better or not without playing a load of games with it first.
Tue 17/05/05 at 12:49
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
It's still early on GT5. I'm liking the idea of up to 16 or more drivers against you though.
Tue 17/05/05 at 11:41
Posts: 4,910
double post.
Tue 17/05/05 at 11:41
Posts: 4,910
GT5 didn't impress me one bit. Still no sign of the damage model and the graphics don't look that much better than the PS2's just higher res, the characters look flat too. Unlike Killzone which looks stunning.
Tue 17/05/05 at 08:10
Posts: 2,287
Holy cow they are actually the real pics.

I love the look of that controller. Glad they didn't stick with the other one.
Tue 17/05/05 at 08:07
Posts: 2,287
Hold on, where are you getting these pics, Icarus?

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