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Mon 16/05/05 at 15:09
Posts: 9,808
Ever wanted to made into an advertising slogan?

Whaddya mean, no???'s done...

Consider Yourself Advertised...

Hedfix - "To Our Members, We're The Fourth Hedfix."
FinalFantasyFanatic - "Hand-Built by Finalfantasyfanatic."
JFH - "JFH Is Job 1."
Flock - "Good Flock Has Danish Written All Over It."
Rai - "Out Of The Strong Came Forth Rai."
CandyFloss - "There's First Love, and There's Candyfloss Love."
Stryke - "Does the Hard Stryke for You."
Alfonse - "Only Alfonse Has The Answer."
Tphi - "Tphi: The Other White Meat. "
Celestine - "The Loudest Noise Comes From The Electric Celestine."
mattributé - "The Mattributé Of A New Generation."
Bullett - "Have a Bullett and Smile."
Mozzy - "Strong and Beautiful, Just Like Mozzy."
Grix Thraves - "If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Grix Thraves."
Cong_Man - "Prolongs Active Cong_man."
SnoopDogg - "The Better Way to Start the SnoopDogg."
Paradox: - "Just One Paradox: - Give It To Me!"
Tiltawhirl - "A Tough Tiltawhirl to Follow."
The Wardy - "He Who Thinks The Wardy Drinks The Wardy."
Pandaemonium - "We Build Pandaemonium."
gerrid - "Don't Live a Little, Live a Gerrid."
lcarus - "Little. Yellow. Different. lcarus."
Memorandum! - "It's a New Memorandum! Every Day."
s2pid - "Why Have Cotton When You Can Have S2pid?"
Lord Funk - "The Lord Funk Of Paradise."
SHEEPY - "It's a SHEEPY Adventure."
Cycloon - "With A Name Like Cycloon, It Has To Be Good."
monkey_man - "Builds Bonny Monkey_man."
C®ø§$ Bób - "Nothing Acts Faster Than C®ø§$ Bób."
Chr1s - "Go On, Get Your Chr1s Out."
Ms NY - "Let the Ms Ny Begin."
Kawada - "If You Really Want To Know, Look In The Kawada."
Highly Excitable - "The Highly Excitable Of A New Generation."
Oriental Rib - "Oriental Rib Just Feels Right."
Sweet Tooth - "Kids Will Do Anything For Sweet Tooth."
AbsoluT Neó - "Let The Absolut Neó Take The Strain."
Clazon - "It Does Exactly What It Says On The Clazon."
CDouch - "Double the Pleasure, Double the Cdouch."
Goatboy - "P-P-P-Pick Up A Goatboy."
Time_Warp - "To Our Members, We're the Fourth Emergency Time_warp."
Tomm - "Choosy Mothers Choose Tomm."
The Hibernator - "The Science Of The Hibernator."
phi11ip - "Plink, Plink, Phi11ip..."
Del Rogeo - "Del Rogeo Is Our Middle Name."
Dringo - "Tell Them About The Dringo, Mummy."
English_Bloke - "Designed for English_bloke."
Coin - "Make It A Coin Night."
Asher - "A Smooth-Running Asher is a Relaxing Experience."
Emitime - "Aaahh, Emitime!"
Rickoss - "Sometimes You Feel Like a Rickoss, Sometimes You Don't."
Darth Vampyr - "Look, Ma, No Darth Vampyr!"
Timmargh - "Gee, Your Timmargh Smells Terrific."
J Nash - "Kills All Known J Nash - Dead."
Geffdof - " Taste the Geffdof."
Light - "Built Light Tough."
Silent Thunder - "Grab Life by the Silent Thunder."
Communist Jim - "Does You Does, or Does You Don't Take Communist Jim?"
gamesfreak - "It's Not TV. It's Gamesfreak."
MJ - "We Don't Make MJ. We Make MJ Better.
Strid - "Have Strid Your Way."
Grandprix - "Don't Live a Little, Live a Grandprix."
Chippxero - "Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Chippxero."
cookie monster - "Tastes Great, Less Cookie Monster."
Ineedsleep - "You're in Good Hands with Ineedsleep."
Padraic - "Crunch All You Want. We'll Make Padraic."
sPiKeCaSt - "Takes a Spikecast but it Keeps on Tickin'."
Mumbai Duck - "Monsieur, with this Mumbai Duck you are really spoiling us."
Red Hat - "Melts In Your Red Hat, Not In Your Hand."
Ashman - "Good To The Last Ashman."
Ant - "Everything We Do is Driven by Ant."
down - "Give the Dog a Down."
Strafio - "Too Orangey for Strafio."
Kilgore Trout - "Hungry? Why Wait? Grab a Kilgore Trout."
RastaBillySkank - "You Like Rastabillyskank. Rastabillyskank Likes You."
Blank - "Blank Saves Your Soul."
Reefer - "For a Hard-Earned Thirst, Reefer."
Marcini - "The Best Marcini Under One Roof."
or†ega - "Just What The Or†ega Ordered."
Lipe - "The Sweet You Can't Eat Without Lipe."
Suicide Soldier - "Gotta Lotta Suicide Soldier."
AfroJoe - "Don't Get Mad, Get Afrojoe"
chrizz - "Let Your Chrizz Do The Walking."
Lindgren - "Lindgren - It Looks Good on You."
RoJ - "Just for the Taste of RoJ."
Damarus - "Turn Loose The Damarus."
Niddle - "Refreshes the Niddle Other Beers Cannot Reach."
poopots - "Tense, Nervous, Poopots?"
88 Game - "Just Do 88 Game."
mad man 4 - "Keep That Mad Man 4 Complexion."
The Killers - " Behold the Power of The Killers"
Kaiserfan - "It's Different in a Kaiserfan."
The-IronFlame - "If You Can't Beat The-Ironflame, Join The-Ironflame."
Shadow - "The Non-Sticky Sticky Shadow."
Jae - "We Bring The Good Jae To Life."
Bob_The_Moose - "See the USA in Your Bob_the_moose."
tigamilla - "You Need A Tigamilla."
Notorious Biggles - "Wouldn't You Like To Be A Notorious Biggles Too?"
Creepy - "Leaves Your Creepy Minty not Mediciney."
Fígó - " Dial Down the Fígó."
munn - "It's a Lot Less Munn Than a Hover."

Courtesy of
Mon 16/05/05 at 21:30
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Cong_Man wrote:
> Rai - "Out Of The Strong Came Forth Rai."

Man, I love this slogan. It's going as my msn name now.

My spammer name is "Factor D. Benign"
Mon 16/05/05 at 21:26
Posts: 1,416
> Celestine wrote:
> [edit] Nix-nay on the "you're so great.." Psh. Just when
> you think a JAT could be cool.. *sighs*
> I think you're forgetting this is an internet forum aimed at teenage
> gamers. I haven't forgotten that. But, teenagers are not the only gamers, don't forget that.
Mon 16/05/05 at 21:01
Posts: 5,848
No that was a cover-up
Mon 16/05/05 at 21:00
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
I thought it was a stationary shop :S
Mon 16/05/05 at 20:21
Posts: 5,848
The Wardy wrote:
> Lord Funk wrote:
> And talking of really good sites, visit
> That's right, Pen Island, the number one place for buying stationery
> on the net ...
> Did you find out that it was a stationary shop by accident? :p

Ah yes, on my daily rummaging through Google Images for large man-pride came up, so I clicked on it

Guess what I saw. That's right. There was a 'cast' list. There was a user named 'The Wardy' and he was in a gay machismo porn set called 'Disasterpiece', it was some weird being crushed by a wall whilst in the act fettish
Mon 16/05/05 at 20:00
Posts: 1,416
james-hat wrote:
> how could i ever be as cool as you?? luvsyousgrixy *hugkisses*
> nix-nay

"It's That Celestine Feeling.."
Mon 16/05/05 at 19:55
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
Lord Funk wrote:
> And talking of really good sites, visit
> That's right, Pen Island, the number one place for buying stationery
> on the net ...

Did you find out that it was a stationary shop by accident? :p
Mon 16/05/05 at 19:51
Posts: 5,848
And talking of really good sites, visit

That's right, Pen Island, the number one place for buying stationery on the net ...
Mon 16/05/05 at 19:50
Posts: 1,416
james-hat wrote:
> Celestine wrote:
> I've got one for my new friend..
> me too!
> 'for when one personality isn't enough..use a James-Hat!'

Hehe. I'm so bad.

[edit] Nix-nay on the "you're so great.." Psh. Just when you think a JAT could be cool.. *sighs*
Mon 16/05/05 at 19:50
Posts: 5,953

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