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"Friday night at home.."

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Fri 13/05/05 at 21:09
Posts: 7,037
.. What are your reasons for being in on this Friday night?

It's FRIDAY! The 13th!

Be honest.
Fri 13/05/05 at 23:39
Posts: 13,017
What did you do retard?
Fri 13/05/05 at 23:16
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Paradox: wrote:
> My mates older brother is a sergeant, he gets let off all sorts of
> stuff. Git.

The amount of times I've been lifted?

"What's your name"
"Oh, ___'s son?"
"We'll just drop you off at home eh?"

It's not big, it's not clever.....

[edit] Untill I was out of order after a bad break up. Spent the night in the cell, got fingerprinted, got home for a furious father waiting up for me at 6am (copper mates had told him) and a serious boll____. Not good, never done that again...
Fri 13/05/05 at 23:13
Posts: 13,017
My mates older brother is a sergeant, he gets let off all sorts of stuff. Git.
Fri 13/05/05 at 23:12
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Paradox: wrote:
> You were drunk at 9?
> thats some dedicated parenting.

12 possibly. I'm a coppers son. We're the most rebellious of the lot.
Fri 13/05/05 at 23:11
Posts: 4,910
Oriental Rib wrote:
> Someone had a heart attack whil'st my mum was teaching her class. Then
> on the way home a biker went through her back window. And i'm still
> waiting for the slave to get my damn pizza.
> Really is Friday the 13th

Tell her to hurry up..bloody women, it's not as if she's busy!
Fri 13/05/05 at 23:09
Posts: 13,017
Oh, I see what I did there.

Fri 13/05/05 at 23:08
Posts: 13,017
You were drunk at 9?

thats some dedicated parenting.
Fri 13/05/05 at 23:06
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Timmargh wrote:
> I first heard that on the way to the south of France - I was 9.

I was introduced to it by a female friend.

"You've got to listen to this"
"Aye....Who the ____ is this?"
"Class. *Rocks*"

I was drunk so, be gentle....
Fri 13/05/05 at 23:01
Posts: 13,017
Urgh :-(
Fri 13/05/05 at 22:59
Posts: 9,631
I tried installing Linux for the very first time today... As you may expect all I got for about an hour was constant crashing.


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