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"Girl Trouble - Please Help"

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Fri 29/04/05 at 19:45
"member of dogg poun"
Posts: 787
HI all. I like a girl, so i got her number off a mate and texted her...twice. No reply. I have since learnt that the girl does not have a top up on her phone so its normal she doesnt text back. She ignored me in school but seems to take a glance sometimes. Does she like me? I need some positive thoughts, thanks alot, my fellow, loyal people.
Wed 15/06/05 at 12:34
"exactly that"
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Mon 13/06/05 at 21:18
Posts: 6,015
Anna's MINE.

Mon 13/06/05 at 20:47
Posts: 9,494
Drink some coffee, watch the OC episodes with Anna in them, slap yourself a few times, sprout some balls and just go for it, be confident.
Mon 13/06/05 at 20:24
"Da num.01 rapper"
Posts: 503
You love her you call, Dont send texts all they like is us calling them and dating out.

PS: SnoopDogg think more, Dream less.
Mon 13/06/05 at 18:43
Posts: 642
If only i could...I haven't got the guts Lil Ginge. Recently on MSN, all my school mates, (females) have found out i've never had a gf and are trying to hook me up with someone.
Mon 13/06/05 at 17:29
"Light of the world"
Posts: 4,763

...maybe be brave and confident and try talk to her?

Avoid texting (I hide behind it myself its got to STOP!)
Mon 13/06/05 at 16:29
"the whites are goin"
Posts: 279
wah that mean?
Sun 12/06/05 at 21:18
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Oh deary me.
Sun 12/06/05 at 21:03
"the whites are goin"
Posts: 279
dow bet your couldnt get sooty.... so go away!
Sun 12/06/05 at 20:59
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