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"Google just keeps on getting better."

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Sun 17/04/05 at 15:52
Posts: 10,364
Google - [URL][/URL]

The brilliant search engine itself...

Google Maps - [URL][/URL]
Google Videos - [URL][/URL]

Granted, the these two do only really reflect better in America, but the concepts are really really cool. Check out the maps feature - you can even view satallite images of the places you look for, it's insane!

Gmail - [URL][/URL]

Brilliant new email service, over 2GB of storage.

Google Desktop Search - [URL][/URL]

Pretty cool desktop application, 10x better then the crap you get with Windows

Google Groups - [URL][/URL]

Excellent if you are looking for snippets of information, especially for things computing related, there is a lot of stuff out there.

Froogle - [URL][/URL]

Cool shopping thing.

It's amazing to be honest, I remember when google was just a wee search engine, now its a completely different empire in itself.

Bets on when GoogleOS comes out then?
Thu 21/04/05 at 21:05
Posts: 5,323
When are the UK maps going to get sattelite images?

Heh - the nude beach place.
Thu 21/04/05 at 17:16
"l33t cs50r"
Posts: 2,956
monkey_man wrote:
> [URL][/URL]

Damn, that could have saved me hours of searching, though his link for Trinity test site is wrong, I obtained mine from the US Archive of Nuclear Testing!;)
Thu 21/04/05 at 16:42
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
Tyla wrote:
> Aircraft Graveyard (Dunno Where)
> [URL],-110.853939&spn=0.028367,0.033817&t=k&hl=en[/URL]

Thats a shitload of planes!
Thu 21/04/05 at 16:17
Posts: 10,364
I've just come back from Florida myself.

Just been checking out stuff like Orlando Airport, and the villa we was staying in.

God its addictive.
Thu 21/04/05 at 16:14
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Thu 21/04/05 at 16:11
Posts: 15,443
Tyla wrote:

> Disneyland, Florida
> [URL],-81.578422&sll=28.538056,-81.379444&spn=0.028367,0.033817&sspn=0.132179,0.174065&t=k&hl=en[/URL]

Look at all those cars! Reminds me of the Matchbox days.
Thu 21/04/05 at 16:09
"l33t cs50r"
Posts: 2,956
Got bored, here's some more

Alamogordo Air Force base, Home to the 1945 test site of "Trinity" the first Nuke.


Nevada Nuclear Test Site

Roswell, New Mexico

San Quentin Prison

Queen Mary - Long Beach CA
Thu 21/04/05 at 13:00
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Tyla wrote:
> SR71 - Blackbirds (Somewhere outside CA) Zoom out and look at the
> compass
> [URL],-117.884000&spn=0.007092,0.008454&t=k&hl=en[/URL]

When I got to this point I was going to say "wouldn't it be funny if you zoomed out on Disneyland and there as a big Mickey Mouse"...

> Disneyland, Florida
> [URL],-81.578422&sll=28.538056,-81.379444&spn=0.028367,0.033817&sspn=0.132179,0.174065&t=k&hl=en[/URL]

Thu 21/04/05 at 12:48
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
It's so addictive.

One question though: why did those dastardly terrorists go for the Pentagon, when the White House was so near? Sure it's significant in terms of military, but that dome on the White House would look awesome with a plane caving it in.

Awesome in a tragic way, of course.
Thu 21/04/05 at 12:22
Posts: 15,443
Pwned indeed

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