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"What are the best games coming out soon?"

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Fri 12/11/04 at 19:01
"Plain Misunderstood"
Posts: 428
My birthday soon, so thinking of asking for Metroid Prime 2, Starcraft:Ghost (if it actually comes out on 1/12/04- my b,day...) and Tales of Symphonia, and perhaps Star Wars Battlefront for PC to play with my mates.

What do you guys think, any comments or suggestions?
Sun 21/11/04 at 22:12
"Plain Misunderstood"
Posts: 428
Gah... I'm really not sure what to get now. Know I'm getting Battlefront and Metroid, I guess I'll just have to see what money I have left...
Fri 19/11/04 at 16:08
Posts: 7,741
Alexrose1uk wrote:
> Anyone know which out of PM and ToS are better? Any opinions?

I really like them both, despite them being very different. If you're into beautiful and truly epic RPGs with a grand story then choose ToS and it won't dissapoint. If you enjoy fun and original Nintendo RPGs and can't be assed with lots of Stats then choose Paper Mario.

They're both excellant though.
Fri 19/11/04 at 11:17
"Plain Misunderstood"
Posts: 428
Probably gonna go for MP2:Echoes, SW:BattleFront, and Paper Mario/Tales of Symphonia now.

Anyone know which out of PM and ToS are better? Any opinions?
Mon 15/11/04 at 13:48
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Minish cap is really good this time round, it's not just the usual stuff it's got lots of new features and items (execpt for the usual sword and arrows, boomerang and bombs) and now that there is the added minish world (much smaller version of the normal Hyrule it takes some thinking on how to get around them both. You eve have to finish a whole dungeon in the minish world even although the camera had zoomed in to the normal view to make it seem like you weren't small. SO the boss of that dungeon was one of those green blob things which to the minish would seem like a giant 50 Foot wobbling green monser, not much of a challenge to the normal sized people, boos like creature to the minish.
Sun 14/11/04 at 18:26
Posts: 144
I'm kind of saving up - untill resi 4, metroid prime 2, zelda, ninteno ds, etc
Sun 14/11/04 at 17:58
Posts: 2,048
Ye, too right.

Well, I've got Pro Evo 4 on the way and there are about four more games I want before Christmas.

Luckily my birthday just passed and I've now got plenty of cash.
Sun 14/11/04 at 17:56
Posts: 5,953
It's been ages since I last bought a game. I think my most recent purchase was Animal Crossing and I got that on its release day so I have plenty of money stored up for the winter releases. Roll on November 26th.
Sun 14/11/04 at 17:48
Posts: 2,048
Paper Mario 2

Pikmin 2

Donkey Konga

Minish Cap

Metroid Prime 2 - 26 November 04

Four Swords - 7 January 05

NES Classics 2 - 7 January 05

DK: Jungle Beat - 4 February 05

Mario Tennis - 25 February 05

Timesplitters 3 - 11 March 05

Mario Party 6 - 18 March 05

Resident Evil 4 - March 05

Viewtiful Joe 2 - March 05

Killer 7 - Spring 05

They should keep you busy mate
Sun 14/11/04 at 15:14
Posts: 144
Metroid Pirme 2

Zelda: 2005

The Nintendo DS

Resi 4

The Matrix Online
Sat 13/11/04 at 21:52
Posts: 2,048
rb#26 wrote:
> Starfox Armada is gonna be a good game.

Heh, that game has had so many name changes.

Apparently it will now be called Star Fox Assault. I don't see why they can't just call it Star Fox.

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