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"The NEW Bose Wave Music System"

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Tue 05/04/05 at 23:33
Posts: 1,302
Has anyone got one of these yet? What do they think? Can you change your sound levels etc? How does it compare/work compared to something standard you'd buy on the high street?
Wed 06/04/05 at 13:13
"Look!!! Changed!!!1"
Posts: 2,072
mattributé wrote:
> So, basically, it plays music. The same music you could get out of a
> pair of £9.99 headphones. Only it's got millions of things that
> you don't need.

I find the ability to reproduce sound with any sort of quality a rather necessary trait in a pair of headphones. Current favorites are a pair of Sennheiser HD200s; fantastic quality and very comfy.

It's much like anything; you get what you pay for.
Wed 06/04/05 at 12:40
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
My crappy 'FX20!' PC speakers I've had for 9 years still happily blast out the SPs around the house.
Wed 06/04/05 at 10:51
Posts: 1,302
It's all about the quality. When it arrives i'll let you know
Wed 06/04/05 at 10:37
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
So, basically, it plays music. The same music you could get out of a pair of £9.99 headphones. Only it's got millions of things that you don't need.

For me, as long as it plays music to a decent standard, I'm happy. The fact that anyone needs to spend more than £20 or so to enjoy music 'properly' saddens me.
Wed 06/04/05 at 10:29
Posts: 1,302
It costs £449 as it did take the 250 wiz kids 15 years to make the beauty with all the sweet specs (don't ask me how it works, the bloke told me once on the phone yesterday and i was like "")
Wed 06/04/05 at 06:42
Posts: 14,437
Technically good or not, it look fugly.

Isn't it about £150-200 too?
Tue 05/04/05 at 23:49
Posts: 1,302
...So they won awards for best No.1 Music PLayer etc because they're crap? And the 250 wizards that worked for 15 years creating a far superiour sound made that happen.
Tue 05/04/05 at 23:43
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
No ... I've seen the advert for it, which was jismed in over-complicated rubbish that meant nothing to anyone, and the price wasn't mentioned anywhere on it, which is always a bad sign.

And I've seen reviews of their other stuff ... like those amazing (supposedly) headphones that provided amazing sound and outside-noise reduction, but didn't really.

Tue 05/04/05 at 23:39
Posts: 1,302
It's...a bit more technical than that but you're close :-)

But you're thinking to yourself, I can't afford this so it's crap?
Tue 05/04/05 at 23:35
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Isn't it one of those totally over-priced bits of kit swamped with meaningless pseudo-impressive technoshit that isn't actually much good in reality?

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