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"Pope has just died"

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Sat 02/04/05 at 21:02
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
Title says it all
Sun 03/04/05 at 03:12
Posts: 11,038
mikelar wrote:
> You don't care, the news is telling you too. So you think you should.
> But you don't.

Errrr, what if he's Catholic?
Maybe he'd care then?
Sat 02/04/05 at 23:53
"Father Crilly"
Posts: 66
Ms NY wrote:
> :-(
> He's a handsome ol' guy.

Me ?
Sat 02/04/05 at 23:51
"Fishing For Reddies"
Posts: 4,986
Ah, well. He had a good innings. At least he was saved - in a Christian sense.

The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away, etc.
Sat 02/04/05 at 23:46
Posts: 7,037

He's a handsome ol' guy.
Sat 02/04/05 at 23:21
"Father Crilly"
Posts: 66
Lawrence wrote:
> hmmm...
> You know when people say 'is the pope catholic?'
> Until they elect a new pope, will people now say 'is the pope dead?'
> Just a thought :O(

thats meen

ure meen

a mans ded an u make jooks
Sat 02/04/05 at 22:35
"leaf it aaaaht"
Posts: 7,914

You know when people say 'is the pope catholic?'

Until they elect a new pope, will people now say 'is the pope dead?'

Just a thought :O(
Sat 02/04/05 at 22:16
Posts: 5,848
After 'the dawgy dawg dogg's last post, I think he undid all his previous work, in this thread, that showed he had a worthwhile and well-reasoned opinion

You screwed up, big time
Sat 02/04/05 at 22:12
Posts: 2,938
For a little while I thought you were a normal person, with an honest and worthwhile opinion on Western politics. But then you posted that...
Sat 02/04/05 at 22:06
"member of dogg poun"
Posts: 787
Chr1s wrote:
> Zeus wrote:
> Blair is Bush's lapdog, wherever he goes, he'll follow
> I prefer it this way. I think disagreeing with the U.S. would have
> disasterous consequences for our country. If we ever went to war with
> them, we'd stand absolutely no chance at all. Better to be their
> allies.

But then all of Europe would say: SAVE ENGLAND!!! And there would be a big war, boom, booooom, kaboom!!! And in the end there would be an apocalypse and the only country left is the UK, and the Devil would send fireballs from the sky and God would come and save us. After he won, he would say how bad we have treated the Earth. Pollution,war.famine ect. Oh well, Snoop is off to bed.
Sat 02/04/05 at 22:04
Posts: 2,938
SnoopDogg wrote:
> But there IS a deeper part of that story, therefore the Government
> don't share top-secrets with public, the give bits of the story out.

Admittedly there's a difference between lying and not revealing the whole truth.

It's a fairly narrow line though, and one that the government should not be treading.

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