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"53 errors / 649 warnings and that just this page..."

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Thu 31/03/05 at 17:38
"l33t cs50r"
Posts: 2,956
Had to laugh. Got a new plugin for FF which gives you real time validation results in the status bar of the browser [URL][/URL]. For the Web Forum home page alone:

HTML Validation Result
---------------------- display_threads.php?forumid=206

line 94 column 1 - Warning: missing before
line 95 column 2 - Warning: isn't allowed in
line 96 column 2 - Warning: missing before
line 97 column 2 - Warning: inserting implicit

line 103 column 4 - Warning:
dropping value "0" for repeated attribute "border"
line 141 column 66 - Warning: missing before
line 148 column 111 - Warning: discarding unexpected
line 148 column 118 - Warning: discarding unexpected
line 147 column 5 - Warning:

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