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"Forum Enemy #1"

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Mon 21/03/05 at 20:16
"Better Than You"
Posts: 5,204
Forum Enemy #1:

Well this is like the King/Queen of the forums thing, but voting for the person you hate the most on the forums, to be given the title Forum Enemy #1. Here are the people (theres quite a few as I didnt know who and who not to include) in their groups (which have been randomly generated):


Jon $m!th 2
C$ Bb 6
J Nash 2
Memorandum! 4
SnoopDogg 2
Flock 1

Forume Enemy #1 - C$ Bb
Thu 31/03/05 at 21:28
Posts: 5,848
I wrote it's ended because he suggested a name ... way after the closing date

I dunno why he wrote all that, but, it's true :D You're spared.
Thu 31/03/05 at 21:15
"kill my enemys"
Posts: 504
i like it, a lot wrote:
> Zeus wrote:
> Erm..didn't you notice it's ended?
> not intll your wisdom showed me.....oh spair me, spair me

Erm....Am i missing something here?
Thu 31/03/05 at 21:12
"i own groovy land"
Posts: 435
Zeus wrote:
> Erm..didn't you notice it's ended?

not intll your wisdom showed me.....oh spair me, spair me
Thu 31/03/05 at 20:36
Posts: 5,848
Erm..didn't you notice it's ended?
Thu 31/03/05 at 19:41
"i own groovy land"
Posts: 435
i have a new porson to add. gr13vs i think that is his name. he has my vote.
Thu 31/03/05 at 19:34
"member of dogg poun"
Posts: 787
to be honest, can't believe im on the list...
Thu 31/03/05 at 13:37
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
(in Glasgae accent) Nae Joy!
Thu 31/03/05 at 13:34
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Stridman wrote:
> What do we do now?

time for a good old fastioned lynching
Thu 31/03/05 at 13:31
Posts: 1,416
*claps happily*

Forum biatch..! I raise my cuppa tea. *cheers*

A song for you lovely.. Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Must play {{{{{LOOUUUUUUUDD}}}}}.
Thu 31/03/05 at 12:29
Posts: 9,808
Stridman wrote:
> HI wrote:
> No not any more . . . with six votes the Forum Enemy #1 is
> C$ Bb
> Erm...yay.
> What do we do now?
> :|

We beat him to death. :-)

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